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Visiting London: What To Research As You Plan

Palace of Westminster with Elizabeth Tower and Westminster Bridge, viewed from across the River Thames.

Palace of Westminster with Elizabeth Tower and Westminster Bridge, viewed from across the River Thames.

Please welcome our guest contributor, Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, the most comprehensive travel search website allowing you to find the best deals on anything from flights and hotels to train rides and Homeaway rentals.

One of the busiest cities in the world and one of the most iconic is London in the United Kingdom. Booking a trip to the popular city allows visitors to experience some truly unique sights and sounds. London is also famous for being extremely expensive, and London hotels are not left out of the expensive formula. Luckily, visitors can save some money by combining elements of timing, distance, and type to avoid paying outrageous hotel rates. Travelers should also take a few minutes and get familiar with the public transportation system of the city to avoid some high rental car rates and parking fees.


Like any city, London has a peak and off-peak season. While the peak season runs most of the year, tourists can realize very low prices in January and February. Of course, during those two months the weather in the capital is less than stellar; therefore, the experience can be a serious trade off. In early spring when the gardens of the city are in bloom, prices tend to skyrocket, but level out for the rest of the year. Using a trip planning website to evaluate the rates of several hotels at the same time is a great way to make sure the best rate is being booked.


The proximity to landmarks, financial districts, and historical locations generally means a higher price than staying further away from the center of the city. However, with city has a lot of hotels to choose from including several close to the two major airports that welcome travelers. Visitors to London should plan to do a lot of walking anyway, but those that opt for a cheaper hotel rate will be doing a little more sight-seeing by foot. However, the savings and extra experience of walking several London neighborhood can offset staying in the busy downtown district.

London, Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel

London, Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel


London offers every type of hotel imaginable. From budget facilities to charming bed and breakfasts to ultra-luxury offerings, any type of budget can find accommodations in the area. While amenities and extra services will increase the daily rate, travelers looking for a swimming pool, workout facility, or even an internet connection will want to make sure those extras are present before making the trip. Travel sites, like Hipmunk, are a great way to compare the various offerings before heading out the door.

Public Transportation

London has an extremely efficient public transportation system. The bus and train service of the city can quickly shuttle visitors and residents to their destinations. Downloading an app that assists in the planning process is a great idea, because the facilities can become crowded during rush hour and in the vicinity of attractions. Because of packed roads, lack of parking (even at most hotels), and high tickets, visitors are advised to avoid renting a car when visiting London.

In the end, London has a lot of historical and contemporary landmarks that can help visitors create some truly magnificent memories. Using an online planning tool and doing some research before leaving, travelers can combine the right distance from the city, the type of hotel, and time their visit to find a reasonably priced lodging alternative. London is a great city to visit, and taking advantage of everything the capital has to offer requires a little planning.

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