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Planning To Start Kayaking Soon? Here Are The Ideal Items You Should Invest In

Kayaking is a water sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world. You do not necessarily need to live by a body of water, and instead, just need access to a river system, or to be able to travel to one. Kayaking is a lot of fun and very exhilarating. It can keep you fit, in shape, and get you outdoors, which is something a lot of people have been unable to do because of the pandemic at the moment. If you are interested in getting outdoors, then kayaking may well be the sport for you.

In this article, we are going to tell you what the items you need to get started kayaking are. You cannot just turn up at a river without anything and start now, can you? No, that’s silly. You need to prepare and have the right equipment, and here’s what the right equipment is:

Dry Bag

When kayaking, you will need to invest in a dry bag. Dry bags are used to keep your belongings dry. You do not want your clothes, phone, towels, and other belongings to get wet when kayaking, and without a dry bag, they will. Even if you capsize, a dry bag will keep your belongings dry. You can find high-quality dry bags that can withstand a long period of time underwater, in case you drop it. Dry bags are a great investment to make and you must one them any time that you go kayaking.

Kayak Paddles

If you are going kayaking, you will need paddles. Paddles will help to push you through the water when you are on your kayak. They are blue on both ends, and range in length. Without a kayak paddle, you won’t be going very far on your kayak. Kayak paddles are not particularly expensive, and they are absolutely essential. You can find them in most sports shops. Kayaking is a lot of fun, and the equipment does not cost much, which is why we think that it is a great way for you to get outdoors post-pandemic.

Paddle Leash

A paddle leash is also crucially important when you are kayaking. Find the best paddle leash for your kayak so that you do not lose any items that are attached to your kayak. It ensures you will also not lose your paddle.


When you are kayaking, it is always advised that you wear a buoyancy aid. If you do not, you could potentially harm yourself if you fall into the water. They act as a life jacket but provide more movement when you are in the water, which will help you to swim or paddle.


When you are first getting into kayaking, you will want to wear a helmet. Even some advanced kayakers wear helmets. Helmets can ensure that if you hit a tree or the riverbank, that you do not hurt yourself. Helmets should be worn whenever you go out kayaking, in our opinion. You can run into overhanging branches or trees that jut out of the riverbank, which can be very dangerous.

Waterproof Shoes

You will absolutely need waterproof shoes when you are kayaking. Without them, your feet can get damp and soggy, and this can lead to infections, fungal and bacterial. Waterproof shoes will ensure you have warm, dry, and toasty feet. You do not want to ever get into a kayak without waterproof shoes on, we assure you. They are not expensive and can be found more or less everywhere.


Like waterproof shoes, you will need a wetsuit. In the summer, however, you might not need one, though if you live somewhere that is cold, you will want to wear a wetsuit, even if it is summer. You might also want to check the water temperature where you live so that you can check if you can go out into the water in shorts and a t-shirt. A wetsuit will keep you warm whether you are in the water or out – so give one some thought.


A throw rope is another piece of equipment that you should never set out without. A throw rope exists so that if you are in danger, you can throw the rope out to somebody besides the water, who can then, in turn, pull you into safety. Throw ropes are something that you will definitely need if you are setting out on a kayak for the first time or the hundredth time.

All of the equipment listed here is fundamentally important to any kayaking trip. Without even just one of these, your trip could potentially be ruined. None of the items listed here is particularly expensive and can all be found on a budget.

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