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Planning Your Wedding: The Checklist

You said yes and now you’re looking forward to spending the rest of your life with your soul mate. However, before you tie the knot there’s a lot to do and time is of the essence. The good news is that if you start planning now, at least a year in advance, you’ll be able to pull off a storybook wedding, without the stress. 

The Venue 

Unfortunately, the most desirable venues will fill up many months ahead of time. This is why it’s important for you and your future spouse to find the one that best suits your needs and your wallet. The best approach is to select a few possible venues for your wedding and then schedule an appointment to see them. This lets you weigh the pros and cons of each before making your final decision. The size, location, and reviews are all important things to consider. 

The Guest List 

The guest list is one of the hardest things for a couple to create. You know many people outside of the family and want them to share in your joyous day and celebration. Unfortunately, most couples don’t have an unlimited budget and every place setting can cost a hundred dollars or more. Thankfully, most of your friends, co-workers and acquaintances won’t take offense if they’re not invited. 

There are a few things to take into account before establishing the list. First, who’s paying? Traditionally, the parents of the bride will pay for the wedding and the groom’s parents will cover the open bar. However, today many couples pay for the wedding themselves. It’s best to first figure out how much you can afford for the dinner. After that, depending on who’s footing the bill, you can divide the guest list to include both families and then extend it out to include good family friends, friends and others. 

The Rings 

You have the to-die-for engagement ring and now you need to find wedding bands that complement it but don’t take anything away from its beauty. Thankfully, the selection of wedding bands is almost as extensive as engagement rings. Many people opt for a simple, yet elegant band that’s smooth and shiny in their desired metal while want something unique or with diamonds. Check around early, at least 6 months in advance, so that you have time for a fitting and an inscription. 


Before looking at dresses and tuxedos, make a decision on what type of wedding you want. Will you have the ceremony at the beach, at home or in a church? Is it going to be a black and white formal affair, or a bit more casual? And, what colors do you want? These are just some of the things that you should decide before looking at attire options. 

The Dress 

Your wedding dress will appear in all the videos and in many photos from your special day, so selecting the right one may seem overwhelming. However, if you narrow the search for your gown by removing any styles that don’t appeal to you, it will leave only the styles you like. And, then you can try those on to see which one shows off your best attributes. Once you have your wedding dress picked out, you can move onto the bridesmaid’s gowns based on the color palette you chose. 

A Wedding Planner 

Now that you have the venue, the guest list and the attire covered, you’re ready to schedule the musicians, caterer, photographer, florist, hairstylist, and the limos. It’s a heavy undertaking and very time-consuming. If you know someone in a few of the professions, the process will go easier. However, if you don’t know anyone, hiring a wedding planner may prove to be an excellent choice. 

You want your wedding to be perfect. If you plan ahead by creating a comprehensive checklist of everything you need, and everything you need to do, you can avoid the last-minute stress and exit the party with your head held high to start your new life together as one.

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

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