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PlantingTree: 3 Must-Have Plants for Your Yard or Patio Space

This post is sponsored by The PlantingTree, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

This little patio of mine has been a labor of love. I don’t even think I have before photos that show how far it’s come (oh wait, keep scrolling)… because I was too busy trying not to share the unsightly parts; mainly the cracked concrete that had become home to weeds and falling mulberries. Having an outdoor space is of the utmost importance to me. I need a calming space where I can enjoy fresh air, soak up the sun, and ground myself in my daily gardening. A space that feels like some of our favorite places, but also feels like home.

I can honestly say that my vision for this space was entirely different than the outcome, but I LOVE IT. This patio project is what happens when you do the best with what you have and roll with it! Consider this a reveal of sorts (full reveal soon), but today we’re going to focus on the glorious plants that PlantingTree sent us to cozy up our space! There are so many plants you can add to your yard or patio to create a more enjoyable space for your family. If you’re looking for ideas, I highly recommend these three plants from PlantingTree, a family-owned nursery that ships lush plants right to your door.

Bluecrop Blueberry Bush

Every year I say that I want to take the kids to pick blueberries and we never do. This year, I decided to grow some whether we go picking or not. There’s nothing like being able to pick blueberries off of your own blueberry bush! I chose the Bluecrop Blueberry Bush for our patio since it’s self-pollinating and only requires one plant. I potted our bush in a huge planter with rich, well-draining soil and blueberry fertilizer. In the few weeks that we’ve had the bush, we’ve already gotten delicious berries! I’m not expecting a huge harvest this year since the plant has to get accumulated, but it’s such a beautiful sight to see. I definitely plan to pick up another bush so we can have alloftheberries. I already spotted a pot at Lowe’s to house it.

Bluepoint Juniper

Having a private outdoor space was very necessary when creating our little oasis. We live in a neighborhood where kids run freely unaware of boundaries, houses are close together, and our home isn’t fenced in. I potted three Bluepoint Juniper trees in well-draining galvanized tubs and created a temporary and adjustable barrier that will continue to grow. These shrubs can reach heights of up to 12 feet tall and get can get as wide as 6-8 feet. I’ll repot as needed and then eventually get them into the ground. I think they’re going to look SO cute decorated for the holidays.

Citronella Mosquito Plant

No outdoor space is complete without a Citronella Mosquito Plant. Our patio’s no stranger to mosquitos, so growing citronella was a must. I feel like growing citronella makes more sense than buying a ton of those candles. It’s also a pretty funky looking plant to admire. I plan to bring it inside once the season is over. I repotted it in a popcorn tin that I painted and drilled drainage holes in. Listen, EVERYTHING is a planter over here, LOL! I’ve been holding on to this tin since Christmas. I just knew it’d come in handy. I placed our citronella next to our lemon balm plant in the shaded area that mosquitos tend to gather. I think it’s working because I haven’t been snacked on in a while and I’m a mosquito magnet.

I’m so incredibly pleased with our plants from PlantingTree and highly recommend them for these three plant must-haves and more for your outdoor oasis!

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3 Must-Have Plants for Your Yard or Patio Space


Friday 19th of July 2019

I am loving what you are doing with your patio so far. I will definitely be checking out Planting Tree. I am working on our outdoor space too and would love some blueberry bushes.

Sheena Tatum

Wednesday 7th of August 2019

Thanks! Definitely get some blueberry bushes. I'm still learning. I found his videos to be helpful:

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