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Pop, Sparkle, Shew!

patrioticfridge Our Fourth was what I’d call another freestyled Fourth. We did add sparklers and Pop-Its ($2 a pack, woohoo) to our little celebration and in true Sheena fashion, window clings ($1 per sheet, woohoo x2) on the fridge. It took Jayden a while to learn how to use the Pop-Its, but they were a hit. He’d drop them on the ground without much force and when they didn’t pop, in a concerned tone, he’d say, “Try again” picking them back up. When the Pop-Its did pop, he’d proudly exclaim, “I did it!” He held a few sparklers (under parental guidance of course), but he didn’t seem too interested in them. He was more so confused. I’m hoping that next year, he’ll be a little more excited about them and I’ll be able to find some that burn slower with an extended stick.

sparkle pop-its Chicken and burgers were on the grill. I also made a little spaghetti and potato salad, and we had these for dessert. I accidentally charred some of the burgers and it kinda charred my mood :(. From late afternoon ’til dust, Jayden and five other kids on our strip played in the backyard. Things got a little too loud for my liking on a day I planned to relax on, but they had a blast playing together, sharing each other’s toys, and catching fireflies.

083 - firefly

By the time the fireworks started, Jayden was worn out from all the playing and ready to go inside. He fell asleep at the beginning. Aw well!




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