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Popular Places to Rent an Apartment Around the New York Area

Photo by Arthur Brognoli


Chances are that at some point in your life, the lure of New York City has bewitched you, and you’ve considered looking for a place to rent in order to make those big apple daydreams a reality. 

But with this iconic city comes a great deal of confusion, questions, and concerns about what to expect and where exactly you’d enjoy living most. 

To help you get a better understanding of what’s best for your specific needs, below are some of the most popular boroughs within the New York area, and the surrounding places to find an apartment within a commutable distance of the city. 



Apartments for rent in Brooklyn NY provide a wide range of options, depending on what you want to get out of your apartment and the surrounding social life. 

While it’s most well-known these days as a beacon for the hip and stylish to settle alongside young creatives, Brooklyn is still full of quiet neighborhoods that are family-friendly, away from the noise of New York’s thriving nightlife. 



In some areas of the world, films and television shows may have given people a false idea of what living there is like. However, when it comes to Manhattan, cinema has provided a fairly accurate portrayal of this whimsical part of New York.

Renting an apartment in Manhattan situates you amongst cafes, restaurants, and parks. It not only hosts some of the more cosmopolitan parts of the city, but it’s also the home of Madison Square Garden and other iconic attractions. 



The borough of Queens is one of the more affordable places to consider when renting an apartment in or around New York City. Away from the glamour of Manhattan, Queens has established itself as the safer, quieter, and more culturally diverse alternative when it comes to big city living. 


Staten Island 

Are you worried that living around the New York area will prevent you from enjoying nature, culture, and a little fresh air? Staten Island just might be the solution for you. 

Known as the borough of parks, Staten Island boasts a wide range of parks, open spaces, and famous historical landmarks of interest. 


Jersey City

As the popularity of the New York boroughs continues to rise, the appreciation for convenient areas like Jersey City has soared too. With New York only 6 miles away (easily accessible via train or car), this thriving suburb still offers up fair prices on apartment rentals as well as luxury places overlooking breathtaking views. 


Fort Lee

If you were hoping for a Manhattan apartment to rent but don’t want to pay the higher prices, Fort Lee is a less expensive alternative that’s located on the other side of the iconic Hudson River. 

Friendlier and a little more intimate than its big-city counterparts, Fort Lee is one of the rising future hubs of popularity for people who need to be near New York without being immersed in its everyday bustle and noise too much. 


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