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Popular Pregnancy Trends for Today’s Expectant Women

Long gone are the pregnancy traditions of the past where expectant women were to wear oversized, ugly fashions, quit their jobs, and essentially invest everything they’ve got into raising their families. Millennial women who are expecting have put a twist on things – in a good way.

 Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Nor does it mean you can’t be a complete boss in the workplace. In fact, many millennials are starting businesses and running them successfully from home. They live, love, and laugh, and still maintain a social life and sense of identity. The modern women of today realize that pregnancy isn’t a disease or some sort of sentence, it’s simply a milestone that should be celebrated.

Just how are these women shaking things up? Check out these popular pregnancy trends below:

Hot Maternity Fashion

No more “mom jeans”, oversized babydoll shirts, or sweats and a t-shirt. Today’s women aren’t willing to give up their favorite fashions just because of a pregnancy bump. While still shopping for the comfort you’ll find that there are a lot more styles available for women to wear. From cute sundresses and flats to comfortable leggings and kimono or cardigans their fashion sense is on point.

Maternity Photo Shoots

Modern mamas have come to love their growing and changing bodies and love the opportunity to show it off. You’ll find that more women are turning to professional photographers to capture them on film. Whether taken alone, with a significant other, or close relatives these shoots are nothing to mess with. They go all out coming up with a theme that helps to paint a picture of how they’re feeling about this special time in their lives.

Gender Reveal Parties

When sharing the gender of their baby with loved ones expectant mamas today love throwing gender reveal gatherings. They invite close friends and relatives to their home or out to a restaurant, share a good meal, a few laughs, perhaps play a few games, and then there’s the reveal. Using items like gender reveal smoke cannons pink or blue smoke come out and let everyone know the big secret. It really is a lot of fun and very intimate.

Gender Neutral Baby Names

As sexuality has become more fluid lots of parents are moving away from gender-specific names like Paul or Sarah (not that they’re bad names) and going with something more gender-neutral. Nowadays the trend is to find a name with meaning and purpose. This way, no matter how old they get or who they are the name fits. Some of the more popular gender-neutral names are Kyle, Aubrey, Logan, and Skyler.


Back in the day, they treated pregnancy like it was some sort of ailment or disease that prevented you from doing anything other than staying home and tend to the house. Modern women realize this is far from the truth. So, they have no problem getting out and hitting the social scene. That’s especially true when you live in an area where local bars serve alcohol free drinks known as mocktails. They taste great and help mamas feel like they’re still part of the social circle.

Streamlining the Household

Modern women don’t have the time to do all the cooking, cleaning, and other household responsibilities on their own. Not to mention it’s a bit harder when you’re expecting. Millennial women, however, have learned to take advantage of modern conveniences. No time to grocery shop and cook? They have meal delivery services and dessert baking kits to make life a lot easier. They come pre-packaged with fresh ingredients and easy to follow recipes right to your front door. There are also other tasks around the house. With new home assistant and smart devices available, the modern-day woman could automate her household with the tap of a screen.

Startups and Freelancing

Another trend among expectant mothers of today is becoming a freelancer or starting your own business. They’re not interested in allowing their pregnancy to slow down their hustles, nor do they want to compromise by working for someone else. They are kicking butt and taking names in more ways than one. Going about their hustle this way also creates a more flexible schedule allowing them to be there for their children as they grow up.

Pregnancy is supposed to be something that’s celebrated not something that holds you back. Today’s expectant women realize this and have created trends that are a long way off from what your mom or grandma might be used to. They’re pregnant, proud, and loving it.

Photo by clark cruz from Pexels

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