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Portable Essentials to Beat Boredom While On the Go

Traveling is a way to learn about the great unknown and to move past your comfort zone. Sometimes when we travel, we go with the flow or what the crowd usually agrees on. In these experiences, we discover more of what our interests are, what motivates us, and what trips we gravitate towards. Going free-diving for the first time or even riding on the top deck of a bus can be a big first for many people. But on these times of self-discovery and wonder, we tend to have moments of boredom. Sometimes we’ll find ourselves staring off into the sunset or just lying down on our hostel beds for some much needed R&R. But instead of being idle, we’ve compiled a few portable essentials to bring with you when the creative ruts surface. Try out these gadgets, you might find something you’ll enjoy using during your free time.


A Kindle is a great gadget to bring with you when you’re on the go. Often times when we travel we’ll want to bring a few books with us, but these can accumulate over time and cramp our backpacks. Why not keep all your favorite books on one device this is much more convenient than lugging around all those heavy books. Plus, buying your books online on a Kindle or on an e-reader device pales in comparison to buying actual books since they’re less pricey.

Bluetooth Earphones 

Being on the go means that you’re going to be surrounded by constant noise. Be it from your hostel mates to the people you ride with on the bus. Having a good pair of Bluetooth earphones or headphones will keep your mind busy on the go without being irritated by others around. It’s also a good way to tune into your favourite podcast or to listen to that album you’ve been putting off listening to for a while. Why Bluetooth? It’s so that you can use your hands for other things like journaling while you listen to music, plus, it feels great!

Sudoku or a Crossword Puzzle 

One key way to fight boredom is to bring a Sudoku book or even a crossword puzzle book. Depending on if you’re more of a numbers person or if you love words. Sudoku is known to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and can serve as a great workout for your mental health, and is known to improve concentration. Not only does it stimulate your brain cells but at the same time, people find solving problems to be relaxing. Give it a shot next time, the boredom bug hits. Trying it out won’t hurt!

35mm Film Camera

In a time where people constantly take pictures or live stories and they get deleted after a day, why not create something more lasting? Film cameras are a nifty essential to bring since you can never go wrong with one. Even when one picture has too many light leaks or it ends up too grainy, you’ll still have a memory of a time that made you happy. Film cameras are a great conversation starter too and you’ll be surprised how many people will be keen on your cool little camera. They’re also very cheap and you can buy them virtually anywhere!

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