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Positive Ways To Help Your Kids Complete Their Homework

Photo by Julia M Cameron

Many parents make an effort to help with their kids’ homework, and it’s actually a good thing. Experts have found that helping with homework cultivates positive learning behaviors, reinforces class material, and signals to children that their education is important. Also, after a whole day of class, getting help with their homework lessens the workload for your kids, avoiding stress and irritation. This can be a form of bonding time with your kids as well. However, doing so can sometimes lead parents to hover over their kids, which can backfire. When parents do this, they deny their kids the chance to become more independent and confident. It’s important to find a balance when helping your children with their school work. Here are some positive ways to do that.

Let Them Do the Work

Your kids won’t learn if they don’t think for themselves and make their own mistakes. You can be involved with the assignment by being available for questions and suggestions, but it’s their job to do the work. You should avoid stepping in and correcting every mistake. While doing chores nearby, let your kids know they can ask for help. This strategy will help empower them, and they’ll know that they can depend on you for some things, but not every little thing while doing their homework.

Provide Proper Tools

One of the best ways to help your kids complete their homework without hovering is to provide them with proper tools. In fact, 67% of parents worry they won’t be able to effectively help their kids with homework. This is why utilizing available resources is a must. For instance, many students are assigned to write papers and reports, so for this, you must ensure that your kids have computers or laptops with the Word Document software. If they’re working on a group project, they can use Word Online. Let them know about Word Online tips to make the most of the app since it’s a little different from the software, but it’s a good option for group projects since it allows students to create, edit, and share a document through a browser. 

Help Them Make a Plan

If your kids are feeling overwhelmed with homework, you can encourage them to break up the work into manageable chunks. Consider helping them to create a work or study schedule. This involves a bit of strategizing. You can set up a specific schedule to focus on homework. Then, your kids can opt to finish difficult assignments first over the easier ones or vice versa. Just make sure to give your kids a break time between assignments. Experts say that approaching homework with a strategy when they’re young will teach them to do it independently later on.

Helping your kids with their homework does not mean taking control. Find a balance between helping and letting them do their own school work so they can have a positive experience every time they do their homework.

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