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Prepare Your Garden For A Peaceful Winter

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Now that summer is over, the plants in our gardens are finally dying off and going into hibernation to prepare for colder weather. If you are looking to prepare your garden for winter, we have some helpful tips for you on what you need to do. 

Look after the lawn 

Your grass is one of the only plants that won’t die off during winter, and because of this you should continue to care for it all winter long. Installing a lawn sprinkler system and feeding your grass once a month will help keep your lawn looking green and healthy for the cold season. 

Empty your flowerbeds 

Autumn is a time when the leaves fall from the trees in your garden and you will often end up with a lot of mess. Not only will there be leaves from trees all over the lawn and flowerbeds, but debris from other dead plants will cover the space. Now is the best time for you to clear out all of the dead plants and debris from your flower beds to leave blank spaces that are ready for new life. By creating space now, in spring new plants will be able to take root and grow. 

Protect vulnerable plants 

There will be a lot of hardy plants in your garden that can easily withstand the frosty weather of winter. Herbs such as rosemary, shrubs like hydrangeas, and trees will have no problem surviving in harsh conditions. However, delicate plants such as aloe Vera, jade plants, basil, and smaller flowers need to be brought inside. Make sure to protect the more vulnerable plants in your collection and bring them into the house or place them in a greenhouse that will protect them over winter. There are lots of ways to protect vulnerable plants from frost, so take a look and find out what works best for you. 

Prune big shrubs 

Large shrubs such as buddleia need to be trimmed back as soon as possible before the risk of frost. Now is the time to cut these large plants right back and allow them to grow fresh and strong next year. You can afford to be harsh with how much you cut these back, halving them in size if you want to. Make sure when you prune that you cut just above the bud node to ensure the plant is able to grow. 

Hang Poinsettias 

There are a lot of plants that can be associated with winter and with Christmas, but none are as stunning as the poinsettia. Poinsettia are bright red in color and offer a festive feature to your home and garden. Winter is a great time to brighten up your dull garden by planting a few poinsettia in hanging baskets by your front or back door. They will bloom beautiful all season long providing the most stunning color for your outdoor space. 

Use our simple tips and tricks to make your garden the most stunning it can be during the winter, and show off your green-fingered skills this year.

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