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Preparing Your Tween For Body Changes

Your little girl isn’t so little anymore. I’m sorry, I know it is hard to believe. Just yesterday she was playing with dolls and watching her favorite shows on PBS Kids. The beauty and terror of being a parent is watching this precious kiddo develop into her own person, one who is increasingly independent of you. Though it is hard to believe, she is going to need you more than ever, more than she knows herself, during the years to come. Your tween girl is starting to go through a series of bodily changes, and it is your job to prepare her for her journey to womanhood.

Puberty is coming

Like it or not, puberty is on its way. Show your girl the beautiful signs of blossoming: body hair, breasts beginning to take shape, and widening hips. Then, of course, there’s menstruation. It’s the biggest rite of womanly passage, and it is one of the things your child may be the most curious and apprehensive about. She needs to know what she’ll experience: the normal signs to watch for, like acne, and nausea, breast tenderness, and cramps. Those are all signs that the menses are coming, but once they get here? The most critical thing she needs to know is what kind of supplies she’ll need to use for hygiene and health. It is a new world for women, with great options. For generations before, the only option was pads. Pads are not a bad option and they have come a long way, but consider this: they’re bulky, your daughter will have to carry them around, and they don’t feel that great down there. Sure, they were good enough for you, but the best part of being a mom is that you can do something better for your own daughter.

There is a new option in period panties. That means she can stay comfortable and dry during the day, without having to shuffle around in class, carry embarrassing period supplies, or having to deal with the bulky feeling that makes you feel like you’re wearing a diaper. If she plays sports or dances, she’ll be able to move around without feeling her range of motion limited by Aunt Flo. Brands like Knixteen period proof bikinis and briefs thin as a pantyliner, odor free, and absorbs moisture and sweat.

Next in line after worrying about the red tsunami is a great bra. At first, it is going to be difficult to get a bra that she feels comfortable in, and after that, you’ll be concerned about her wearing the bra once she has it. Make a day of it; take your girl out to lunch and let her try out the styles in the store. Show her that being a girl is fun, if somewhat awkward at times.

You’ve got enough to worry about with a tween girl, and her period and underwear should be the least of your concerns.

When starts to develop, you can take her bra shopping and explore how finding a comfy bra is all about finding a brand that’s actually in tune with female bodies. As she grows into a woman, her priorities will change…;tid=1;dt=6;

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