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Preparing Your Children The Best You Can For School

Photo by Yan Krukov

If your children are going to be starting big school soon then you as a parent will want to prepare them for everything life is about to throw at them. They may not be used to sitting at tables and learning so it is down to you and any childcare settings they attend to do this. It can be a steep learning curve going from being at home or daycare to a school. Take a look below to see how you can help your children prepare for this big life event. 


This may seem like a strange one to put down, but children who spend the majority of their younger years with their parents can suffer from attachment problems. This becomes increasingly noticeable when they start school. It can be incredibly heartbreaking for both parent and child when your child is screaming at the school gates watching you walk away. It can be very distracting within the classroom environment as well if your child carries on wanting you. Childcare or a daycare center is a great solution for this, even if it is a couple of hours each day. They will engage in various activities designed to stimulate their senses, develop their language, and introduce them to numbers.


This comes under the childcare umbrella, but if you send your child to a specialist pre-school rather than a nursery then they will have a much better understanding of how the school will work. Pre-schools do things very similar to reception classes in schools. They sit on the carpet for registration, the kids wear a uniform, they have designated learning time and playtime, and then they line up at the end of the day ready for collection. It is very regimented and helps a lot of children every year prepare for moving to a big school. If your child has any special educational needs these may also be picked up at pre-school. It is better to catch these things early rather than down the line when it may become more of a struggle for them. Your child may be on the autistic spectrum. If this is the case then they may benefit from the input of an ABA therapy center. They will give you and your child all the necessary advice and guidance you need. 

Play Dates

School is all about making friends and socializing. If your child doesn’t understand social etiquette or how to behave around other children then they may struggle to make friends in school. One way you can help them achieve these skills is to arrange playdates when they are younger so they understand how to play with other children. See if you can meet up with your friend’s children or at mother and baby groups to encourage social interaction. 

Toilet Training

Finally, this is important and somewhat essential before your child starts school. It has been known for children to start big school still in nappies but it is rare. A lot of children are toilet trained both day and night by the time they are four. If your child is still in nappies when you apply to your school then it is your duty to inform them that your child is still in nappies. They can help you with toilet training advice and be aware that your child will need nappy changes throughout the day. 

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