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Quick After School Snacking With El Monterey


Thank you to El Monterey for sponsoring today’s post and for inspiring me to celebrate the little victories throughout the day.

El Monterey has been saving my life lately. With each pregnancy with the boys, I found myself drawn to their frozen burritos and taquitos. And here I am, pregnant with number three, frequenting the El Monterey section. This time around, it’s more than just a craving, but also a quick and easy way to feed the kids when pressed for time.

After school, Jayden walks in the door and almost immediately asks for a snack. El Monterey Chicken & Cheese Taquitos have been a favorite in our household. They’re the perfect size for little hands and snacking and crisp up in only twelve minutes.


The family value pack is separated into 3 packs of 18 taquitos. One pack, which we split between our family fits perfectly in our toaster oven.


In just twelve minutes, we have crisp taquitos to dip in salsa and enjoy with fruit.


Tacos are the best food ever.

Jayden seems to think that El Monterey Chicken & Cheese Taquitos are the best food ever… a win for me that was pretty effortless.

Thanks to El Monterey, I’ve earned another mom victory. What simple trick allows you to win as a mom every day?

El Monterey coupons are back! You can grab coupons for taquitos here and breakfast burritos here. Be sure to check out the El Monterey Facebook and Pinterest pages for coupon announcements, giveaways, and meal inspiration.

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