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Confidence Isn’t Just About Mental Aspects: 8 Quick Tips for Growing Your Confidence as You Grow Older

As you grow older, many challenges happen, and handling them can be more stressful than you think. As you age, you start to have various health issues, and remember that you might not be able to perform some of the things you did pretty well, which can be really frustrating and stressful at the same time.

Sometimes, you might feel like there is little or even no gratitude for your wisdom and skills. You look at the mirror and fail to see the person you used to be. This, in turn, can take a toll on your self-esteem. However, the good news is that there are some ways of growing your self-esteem even as you grow older.

Accept yourself

As you age, you become more occupied with the effects of the aging process. There is more to criticize yourself despite the bodily changes, weight gain, belly fats, sluggish metabolism, sagging skin, hair loss, and more. And if you allow all these to go by unchecked, your confidence and self-esteem will take a toll.

To add salt to the wound, some people in your life criticize and comment on the effect of aging. And sometimes, those comments come from very close friends that don’t mean bad; however, that doesn’t take the ‘ouch’ from their words.

Therefore, if your confidence is low, you will suffer the most. Embrace yourself and your beauty now. No one is perfect, but we are all beautiful in our own ways. If that hair loss is wreaking havoc on your confidence, why don’t you have a scalp micropigmentation done, apply make-up and do what you love doing?

Establish meaningful personal connections

If you have low confidence, socializing can be a great challenge for you. So, to get back your confidence, try taking some social steps. Search for individuals with the same interests as yours. Socializing is now very easy, thanks to social media. You can swiftly find community groups, connect with people you can talk to about what you love doing.

On the other hand, you can be a volunteer for something you love. For example, you can volunteer with an animal shelter, a museum guide, and be a tutor. Pick an activity you love doing that will allow you to have some personal interactions enabling you to share your skills and knowledge.

Doing this will allow you to see the value in what you love doing and a sense of self-worth. It is a significant mood booster.


According to the CDC, older people can significantly benefit from regular physical activities. Physical activity can positively affect your health in numerous ways, both mentally and emotionally.  As you grow older, it is normal to feel some lack of strength and agility that you enjoyed when you were young. However, that doesn’t mean that you become a sofa potato.

Regular physical activities make you more dynamic, improve your moods, and, more essentially, boost your confidence. Besides, exercises strengthen the muscles meaning there will be no cases of falls. That will then mean more confidence when it comes to caring for yourself and getting around.

Try self-awareness activities

Negative comments and talks regarding your aging process usually need some level of self-awareness. In fact, it is one of the supreme weapons against low confidence.  Therefore, try practicing or doing things that can help you increase your self-awareness; this includes awareness of your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

Such activities might include meditation and visualization exercises. Besides, deep breathing can also be a powerful tool for accurately getting through self-limiting talks. Also, studies have proven that meditation activities like yoga can significantly help lower your blood pressure, improve your moods and allow you to build a constructive relationship with yourself and everything the universe has to offer.

Jot down everything you have accomplished

Given the statistics, turning past forty years might feel like mid-life and your busier period. It is also very easy to get carried away by the daily things, and you get disconnected from all you have accomplished. You already know everything that helped you get to where you are right now, so take a moment and remind yourself of all you have achieved till now. That will be an excellent way to boost your morale, particularly when you feel a little old. Take a piece of paper, and begin listing all your professional and personal highlights, and trust me, you will feel like a winner.

Be a mentor

By now, you have accumulated a lot of experience and accrued plenty of accomplishments. So, have you ever thought of how your skills and years of experience can help someone else? Also, have you thought of how assisting other people in accomplishing something will make you feel? If you have, you might consider becoming a mentor. There is nothing that feels good like knowing that you are a role model material.


Healthy eating can significantly boost your confidence during your golden years. Your loved ones can help you make healthy snacks and meals that can help you improve your general health and quality of life. While preparing these meals, you might feel good about doing something good for your health, increasing your self-worth. Therefore, make yourself valued by setting aside some time and joining your loved ones in preparing food.

Maintain good hygiene

One of the best ways you can boost your self-esteem is by keeping up with good hygiene. Most of the time, low confidence results in you neglecting self-care since you don’t want to feel that you are worth all the effort. However, you will always feel good about yourself when you know that you look amazing. So consider taking a bath every day, maintaining good hygiene, and wearing clean clothes to boost your confidence. It doesn’t matter if you will be staying indoors all day long; maintaining proper hygiene is an excellent way to elevate your mood and improve your thoughts of yourself.

There is no doubt that proper hygiene and grooming will help you grow and keep confidence as you age. But it’s also very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. Practicing good hygiene goes further than just washing and shaving yourself every week. Hygiene is a major part of your health as well. Oral hygiene is an excellent example of this. You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss, and see a dentist every six months to ensure that your pearly whites are nice and safe. Oral hygiene is known to affect physical health such as diseases and infections spreading throughout the body.

In order to practice good hygiene (such as oral hygiene), you need to pick up on healthy habits so they can eventually become a part of everyday life for good.  But it’s also very important to know and understand that we can’t control all aspects of our bodies. Sure, we can have impeccable oral health but then there may be situations where you’re going to question “How Long Do Same Day Crowns Last?”, or maybe other things if you’re needing to get a procedure done.

Just understand that it’s very important to pick up on healthy habits for your hygiene and other aspects of your health but also understand that you can only do so much. Sometimes even the healthiest of people will have a complication and will need to see a medical professional for assistance. It’s not something to be ashamed or lose confidence over. We’re only human. 

The Bottom Line

Being confident in yourself can open up an entire world of possibilities. Dress with extraordinary confidence, eat healthy meals, exercise, and feel good about yourself, do something you love, become a mentor, and you will not be afraid to meet new friends. Besides, you will be very proud to interact with them. Having high confidence will empower you to enhance your social life, physical health, and many other aspects of your well-being. 



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