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Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced

Couples get divorced when one or both parties involved feel that the marriage has come to an end. In effect, they are saying that they can’t see a future within their marriage. There could be different valid or perceived reasons for feeling that the marriage has no future. 

Divorce, like marriage, is not a process that should be entered into lightly. Make sure that you have valid reasons and that the marriage is truly over before getting a divorce. The following reasons are mostly self-reported by divorced couples. Do you think all of these are valid, or do you think some can be worked through? This is where everyone has to make their own decision and try to make peace with the outcome.

Lack of Trust

Lack of trust is a big reason for divorce and can work both ways. Someone could say that their partner does not trust them. There could be no reason for this mistrust, but it will still put a strain on a relationship.

The other side of this coin is that the lack of trust could be due to what someone has done. Infidelity, flirting with other parties, not being reliable, or just being away for no apparent reason could lead to mistrust. Addiction issues can also lead to trust being lost. 

Financial Issues

Financial security or the lack thereof can destroy a relationship. When basic needs aren’t met and someone in the marriage feels insecure due to financial reasons it can lead to arguments and further issues. Also as mentioned in this article, people think that there are far more important things than money, but it still puts a lot of strain on a marriage if there is a lack thereof or if one partner is spending more than the other.

for a detailed explanation of how financial issues can influence relationships. 

Financial issues can be caused by many factors. Retrenchment and layoffs could lead to a loss of income. One partner in the marriage could just be overspending. Addiction is also a factor. Addiction could be something like gambling or substance abuse. 

Lack of Commitment

Lack of commitment summarizes quite a few different reasons for divorce and it can be related to small perceived issues or large issues like infidelity or addiction. When someone feels that their partner is not committed to making the relationship work and that it won’t change they also give up on the marriage. Divorce is then the likely outcome. 


Abuse can be emotional, verbal, or physical. This is one of those clear reasons for a divorce that most people will give when asked:  “What would a valid reason for divorce be?”

After suffering abuse of any kind in a relationship, a lot of people will opt for a divorce. This is often the best and safest course of action, but be aware that there are risks. It is clear that if someone is at emotional or physical risk of being harmed that divorce is a solution. 

The problem is that while divorcing the spouse can be at a higher risk of physical abuse. Get some help with the process and don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Usually, after some time, it is clear that it was the safest option though. 

When there are children involved it is also necessary to think about their safety. Divorce is most likely the only way to ensure the safety of children and the abused spouse as well. Don’t take any chances with the safety of children. Getting legal assistance promptly is imperative. You can View More here to know how they can guide you through this process. After all, taking action with the guidance of a professional is a responsible and caring step forward. 

Lack of Intimacy

The lack of intimacy is not only a warning sign of other issues in the relationship, but it is also a reason stated by many divorcees for getting a divorce. A married couple has expectations of being intimate. If there is a breakdown in the relationship and trust, that could lead to a lack of intimacy. 


This can be a contributing factor to financial issues and lack of trust. A partner can be addicted to many things including gambling, legal or illegal substances, and many more. Addiction interferes with someone’s day-to-day functioning. Addiction can also in some cases lead to abusive behavior. Divorce is often the best option when dealing with an addicted spouse. 


Not being honest is another reason for divorce. If your partner is constantly lying about different things, both big and small, this is a warning sign. Trust in a relationship is hard to earn and once lost could cause irreparable damage to the marriage.


Having different religions or if one partner only is religious can also cause harm to a relationship. This is not always an issue, but for some people, it will develop in a breakdown of the relationship that cannot be fixed. When people’s fundamental beliefs and thus values are different it is hard to make the relationship work long term.


When partners in a marriage have different views on having children it can cause major issues. This is something that people will hopefully discuss before getting married, but it still can cause a rift after marriage. The difference in opinion can also be about how many children they should have. One partner could change their view after getting married or after having a first child and thus be a contributing factor to divorce. 

The raising of children and values surrounding children can also cause issues. If parents have different views about how to raise children it can cause major issues. Not agreeing as to how children should be raised is not good for anyone involved, especially for the children. This can also lead to divorce.

Different Views on Responsibility

Family and marital responsibilities can be different based on our views. If the views on what each partner is responsible for differs it can be a contributing factor to divorce. People are different and their priorities are different. If a partner for instance has a responsibility to an extended family that is not shared it can cause a rift in a marriage. 

Getting Married Early

Having gotten married too early is another reason some people state for divorce. It is not always that couples getting married at a young age will get divorced, but it does increase the risk for a marriage to end in divorce. 

Some of the reasons for divorce can be fixed with counseling and hard work if both parties are committed to fixing the issue. In these cases, it is also up to the parties involved to figure out what path they want to take. Other issues like abuse or addiction can be clear-cut deal-breakers when it comes to marriage. Which of these are deal-breakers in your case?

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