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Recreating Meals You Have Seen

We all have seen some delicious recipes that we want to recreate. Shows like Chopped and Masterchef inspire us to make delicious meals just like the professionals. Youtube channels and postings on Facebook make it seem easy and attainable. Most people now refer to a video they have watched rather than a cookbook. Many of us wonder, when would we recreate such a delicious dish? Today we want to share some ideas with you on when to make those delicious dishes and expand your cooking repertoire.

The Daily Meal

The quickest and easiest way to test out your recreations are to test them out on your family during the daily meals. However, the important thing that often comes up is the picky eater or the eater with food allergies and sensitivities. With the picky eater, it is ultimately up to you on how to encourage them to try new foods. And that really is key, encouraging them to try foods prepared in a new way and new foods in general. Sometimes all it takes is beautiful presentation to get them to change their minds.

With food allergies and sensitivities, there is simply a need to learn to cook to their tastes and new recipes can be the perfect time. Whether it’s trying out gluten free flours or working with a lactose-free cheese, practicing at the daily meal is a wonderful time to introduce tasty recipes that you have found or been recommended.

Home Competitions

If the family is feeling less than enthusiastic about trying new recipes at family meals, then consider hosting a home competition like competitions that we watch on television. Some ideas can involve a contest for the best way to eat waffles or unique twists to the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This is especially helpful if you have some picky eaters in the home. By allowing them to take on the task of preparing a meal or snack in a fun new way, they may find a new way to eat all on their own. This is also a fantastic way to enjoy some time with friends and neighbors. Nothing brings people together like a competition on who makes the best macaroni and cheese or the ultimate chocolate chip cookie!

Dinner Parties

One of the best ways to recreate delicious meals is to prepare them for a dinner party. Whether it’s a Japanese inspired taco meal or the latest way to prepare salmon, dressing up the dining room table for a gathering of close friends and family to introduce these meals is an excellent idea. You can even start a new tradition amongst others and find yourself invited to their homes for dinner parties with meals that they were inspired to recreate. When it comes to the dinner party, be sure the menu is perfect for your guests. You do not want to serve mahi mahi to a vegan nor do you want to serve peanut soup to someone with a peanut allergy. If you have a new meatless dish to try, invite your vegetarian friends! And with any dinner party, be ready to pass out recipe cards to anyone who asks about a dish you recreated. Better yet, send them the link to the video you watched.

Watching the Food Network and perusing cooking pages on Facebook for the latest in recipes is a terrific way to expand how we eat and find new delicious foods to try. Practice makes perfect and we hope you work hard at practicing those recipes!

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