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Rekindling Our Love of Dogs

Once upon a time, Greg and I were dog parents. Yes, dog parents. We adopted my mom and aunt’s Yorkie Shih Tzu when he became a handful. We took him everywhere and gave him everything. He had his own room and wardrobe… including PJ’s, robes, and slippers. His hair was always laid. He even had his own blow dryer. He had treats. He went to the beach, to the park, and on spontaneous road trips with us. He slept in our bed and I even wore him in a baby sling.

Exhibit A


This is what 20 year-old’s do. Play in makeup and take ridiculous photos with their fur babies. LOL!

Our pampering of this pooch was an obvious sign of desire to parent… a human. Months later, I became pregnant with Jayden and we continued to care for our lil’ diva, in addition to my cat and parakeets that I brought back from my mother’s house. As we got closer to my due date, we realized that managing a zoo with a new baby was not going to work out. So we had to have the animals placed in new homes.

Six years and two kids later, we are feeling a void that our betta fish simply cannot fill. Ha! We just moved into a new place that allows pets, but we can’t justify the fees in addition to the regular costs of caring for a dog. So we plan to wait until we purchase a home. Lucky for us, we don’t have to travel too far to get a dose of canine lovin’. Greg’s parents have a crew of four dogs (2 Anatolian Shepherds, 2 Carlin Pinschers) that Jayden can’t get enough of. They are a unique bunch, with lovable personalities. The companionship between Jayden and the Quartro Canine Crew is a beautiful one. One that I hope he’ll have the chance to experience soon every day.



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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of K9 Advantix® II. The opinions and text are all mine.

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