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Relay for Life Luminaria Ceremony {Sponsored Video}

I swear I’ll have a regular post later today. Promise. Until then, please check out this wonderful cause and try to ignore the fact that the title of this post has “sponsored” in the title. Code of ethics and such.

Have you seen the new Relay For Life Luminaria commercial? I’ve embedded a video below. The Luminaria Ceremony is a thoughtful way to honor loved ones who are cancer survivors, currently battling cancer, cancer patient caregivers, as well as remember those who were lost to the disease.

During the Relay For Life Luminaria event, white luminaria bags are decorated and personalized in memory or honor of a loved one, and illuminated after dark. At sunset, luminaria’s are lined around the race track to illuminate the night and celebrate hope, strength, and the fight to save more lives. If you are interested in participating in this great cause, visit to dedicate a luminaria and find a relay near you. *smiles*


Tuesday 28th of February 2012

Beautiful concept!


Tuesday 28th of February 2012

You are quick! Thanks for commenting, dahlin'.

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