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Safe and Fun Ways to Keep The Kids Entertained This Summer

Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels

If it hasn’t already, the school year will be ending very soon for your children. Though they’ve spent the past few months engaging in virtual learning from home, with no schoolwork to keep them occupied for a few hours each day, it won’t be long before they find themselves overwhelmed with boredom. For moms who enjoy their sanity, this essentially means finding something to keep the kids entertained. 

Though the coronavirus is still very much a threat in the country, the number of new cases is starting to decline prompting many states to slowly reopen. As long as you practice social distancing and wear personal protection equipment, there are a growing number of things you and/or your kids can get into this summer. Here are some ideas listed below: 

Summer Camp

As states begin to reopen some parents are heading back to the workforce. For this reason, some state officials have given the green light for summer camps to reopen as long as they follow strict guidelines to keep children safe. 

If you will be returning to work soon (or have found a new job), then you’ll want to look into the available summer camp options available in your area. If you need to use a short-term installment loan to cover the cost of camp until you receive your first paycheck, this may be an option so you can get them enrolled early as slots will likely fill up fast. 

Nature Walks

If you’re looking for a way to educate and entertain your children while also looking after their physical and emotional well-being, nature walks may be just the summer activity to try. Getting outside is great for boosting the immune system and your overall mood while exploring nature is both educational and entertaining. 

You can give each of the kids a basket to collect cool items they find along the walk, provide them with magnifying glasses to investigate even the tiniest wonders, take turns playing I-spy, or closing your eyes and listening to the sounds of nature. When you get back to the house, you can keep the fun going by creating crafts with the things they’ve collected. 

Outdoor Sports

If your kids have spent the past few months in front of the television, playing video games, on the computer, or glued to their smartphones, get them to unplug and have fun this summer with outdoor sports. While they may not be able to participate in their usual summer sports leagues and activities, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a fun game with the family. 

Whether you head to your backyard or a nearby park, playing basketball, baseball, football, kickball, volleyball, or soccer with the kids is a fun summer activity. You’re all away from your screens, breathing in the fresh air, and actively burning those calories you likely put on while sitting in the house the past few weeks. 

Family Picnic

Instead of eating lunch at the kitchen or dining room table, make mealtime a bit more fun by having a family picnic. The kids will get a kick out of eating outdoors. You can increase the fun by allowing them to help you select the menu and even prepare and pack the meals. If you don’t feel safe heading to a park, you can easily set up a picnic blanket in your backyard and enjoy a delicious meal as a family. 

Go For a Swim

While you may not feel comfortable just yet taking your kids to a public pool this summer, there may still be an option for them to go for a swim. If you presently have a pool in your yard, now would be the time to have it cleaned and serviced for the summer. 

If not, there are affordable above-ground pool options ranging from a tiny blow-up pool for toddlers to larger standing pools for families. Depending on your yard space and budget, you could set up a swimming pool allowing the kids to swim safely all summer long. Not only is it fun, but it’s a great form of exercise, and it will certainly tucker them out for a decent afternoon nap (which is always a plus for busy moms). 

This summer, without a doubt, will be different than summers past. With the coronavirus still out there, many summer pastimes are either not allowed or have been modified to try and keep the general public safe. This doesn’t mean that you and the kids have to remain stuck indoors all season, however. As long as you are practicing social distancing, proper hand-washing techniques, and wearing protective gear, you can participate in activities like those listed above and have a blast while remaining safe.

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