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Safety Tips for Back Yard Playgrounds

There is nothing like a well-equipped playground in the backyard for kids to enjoy during warm summer days when they are on vacation from school. If it weren’t for a play yard, you can imagine what kind of mischief they would be getting into, but with a swing and slide set, a slip and slide water toy and a few other outdoor activities, they are too busy to get into much trouble. Even so, safety is always going to be an issue, so let’s look at a few tips that will help us keep our kids safe.

Secure Playsets to the Ground

This is especially important for swing sets, monkey bars and slides. Even the heavier outdoor toys are likely to tip if children get too rambunctious, so it’s a good idea to tie them down or sink the legs into concrete. Children can get hurt flying off a swing which is why these should be anchored in concrete or, again, tied down. Also, to ensure that they don’t bump into a wall or sharp metal fence, keep these kinds of activities as far as possible from fences.

Discourage Disease-Ridden Canada Geese

The number of wild Canada geese has been growing significantly over the past few years and although you might not see them as a threat, they really are. Not only can they chew your lawn down to bare dirt, but their droppings are large, plentiful, and ridden with bacteria of all kinds. Kids are usually oblivious to where they are walking and rolling around and you really don’t want them rolling in geese droppings! The best solution is to understand how to discourage them from coming to your yard in the first place. If you want to understand how that is done, check out the information on how to get rid of Canada geese which is on the website where you can find products that repel geese and information on the species in general. 

Mount and Monitor a Security System

While you wouldn’t want to leave tiny toddlers out to play unattended, kids that are seven or older can usually be left for a few minutes while mom runs in to use the restroom, check the casserole in the oven or answer the phone. Even then, with so many things that ‘could’ go wrong, it is best not to leave them for more than a few minutes. As they grow older and are approaching middle school age, kids can probably safely hang out in the backyard. With cameras trained in every direction, you can keep your eyes on them with a mobile app readily available on the Google Play Store.

Learning how to get rid of geese is just one way to keep little ones safe from dangers they may be exposed to. A backyard playground is a great idea but only to the extent that you can set up safety measures to ensure they are safe from slips, falls, and predators who may be in the neighborhood. That playground is an amazing way to let the kids have fun – just make sure they are safe, and all will be well.

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