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Self Care Anywhere

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Sometimes it can be challenging to get a moment’s peace when you’re a parent. Not just moms but dad is too, and so we find ourselves looking for little breaks here and there, that will be able to give us some relaxation time. But if you have small children then you will know why this is so difficult. Small children take an awful lot of energy and time, and sometimes get in through a day keeping them healthy, warm, dressed, fed and loved can actually make a massive difference to your energy levels. If you find that you get to the end of the day and want to collapse into bed, then you aren’t alone. Many parents can feel that pain. That doesn’t mean we love our children any less of course, but we acknowledge that raising children isn’t an easy task. So here are some unexpected self-care activities that Moms sometimes find themselves doing.


So some of us hate shopping, and some of us love it, but either way, it may be an option for all moms to spend some time on their own doing the weekly grocery shop. Taking the children to do our weekly shop is never a fun experience, since children get bored, and can cause a distraction for us. So taking an hour a week to quietly do our grocery shop, and be unable to take time over what we are buying, not only helps us take a bit of time out, but can actually be quite relaxing and also save us money. When children come with us to the store, we sometimes don’t always make the most prudent decision, but the quickest one. And for those of us who actually love shopping, then spending an hour or two with one of our favourite activities, Can undoubtedly be classed as self-care.

Medical visits

So it isn’t necessarily the medical visit itself that we enjoy, but having a coffee before or after, or browse in a magazine while waiting for your cosmetic dentist to call us in, can be a small moment in time that could be classed as self-care. Many of us arrange to meet a friend after going to the doctors, and having lunch to take our minds off our troubles. This in itself, can do us a world of good, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Talking to our friends, and being able to vent about any issues that are causing us distress, is an incredible benefit to our mental health too.

Note that you don’t have to go through a full medical checkup to enjoy a resurgence in how you manage your health. Maybe you’ll work on quitting smoking through vaping or Snusdaddy, get more exercise at your local gym, or simply spend more time soaking in the wonderful peace of nature. Often, preventative care is the best form of self-care you can enjoy.

School runs

School runs are something that many of us dread, it can be chaotic, and can bring us a level of stress that we really didn’t need. And that is true for many people. But we can turn the school runs into a positive. If we aim to get the job done and make sure that we have time to spare, we can enjoy this short moment with our children, and then once the children are dropped off to school, we can take a little more time for ourselves. Spending a bit of time and effort on getting ourselves ready for the day before the school run can also be a moment of calm and essential for our own self-confidence.

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