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Self Care Strategies For Moms Worn Out By Christmas

Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

The kids are home from school for two weeks, and you have friends and family popping in all our time of the day. Then there are presents to wrap and the food to cook too. Yes. Christmas can indeed be a challenging and exhausting time of year, especially for busy moms. However, with a little self-care over the festive season, you can make sure your battery doesn’t fall too low. Read on for some suggestions. 

A quiet hour 

What with all the often noisy gifts the kids get, having any sort of quiet time over the festive period can seem an impossibility. However, if you begin the festive holidays with a calm hour routine, you have much more of a chance of making it a regular daily occurrence. 

In fact, a quiet hour is when you provide books or coloring for the kids, and it’s their job to play with making too much noise. Something that means you get a break as well. You can even play relaxing or festive music at this time, too, to make it extra restful. 

Bath tube routine 

Sometimes one little kindness towards ourselves is enough to get us through the most challenging of days. With that in mind, scheduling yourself a bath at the end of each day can be an excellent way of getting some time to yourself to relax and unwind. 

Picture located at Pixabay – License CC0

You can even make it that extra, special with some candles and fancy bubble bath too. Just don’t forget to lock the door so you can have at least that 30-60 min completely undisturbed. 

Some luxe time outside of the house 

Another smart way to care for yourself this festive season is to treat yourself to a little luxe time, on your own out of the house. What I’m talking about here is setting aside a day to get your nails done, get a relaxing massage, or even go to a spa. Activities that can be an especially helpful way to unwind after all the bustle and goals of Christmas has passed. Especially if you have drawn the short straw and are required to host friends and family this year! 

It’s OK to say no! 

Finally, one of the most self-caring things that you can do over the Christmas period is getting good at saying ‘no.’ Say it to the kids, to your family, even to your partner. After all, it can often feel as if all the weight of throwing the perfect Christmas lies on our shoulders. 

However, while you will want your kids to have the best time, everyone else is an adult and is therefore totally responsible for their own happiness. In fact, you are not required to spend any time and energy on anyone else but your nearest and dearest. 

Actually, the sooner you come to accept this, and start to say ‘no’ a little more often, the better. Then you can preserve your valuable time and energy and put it towards enjoying Christmas your way. 

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