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Self-Confidence at 30

Well… I bought myself a yoga mat for Christmas and …


Comment on Self-Confidence at 30 by Tracey Kenard.

Well… I bought myself a yoga mat for Christmas and haven’t looked back. No classes for me; I plop right down in front of the computer to join “Yoga with Adrienne” on YouTube. This is one of the best moves I could’ve made. Feeling my muscles work against each other brings me back to life. I feel strong and proud. I’m also trying new ‘artsy’ things, i.e., joint compound on canvas, painting w/bleeding tissue. I’m still doing photo walks but need to go someplace ‘fresh.’ I’ve just about worn out our little town. Just little things to keep me sane :-)

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How to Save Time on Dinner During Busy Weeknights
My slow cooker is my best friend!!! :-)

It’s The Simple Things: Fun With Sun Tea
Well…. my “kid” is a 28 year old autistic young man, so we don’t look for good things to do like when he was small. We usually indulge in walks while I photo shoot, but it’s been so HOT here in OH that it’s all you can do to get from your house to your car & vice-versa! Otherwise, simple pleasures for myself included scoring 3 large Boston Ferns for my porch, putting pots of red Gerber Daisies/Impatients around. Putting out a tomato & green pepper plant on the patio & waiting for cooler weather to till my new garden spot (since my huge willow tree decided to crash on top of my garage, but that’s another ball of wax.) Simple things are good for the soul. :-)

Pamper Me Pixie
Love, love, love. A good friend once told me that every woman should have at least one daughter. I only have my one, adult son but I’ve always wondered how it would feel to bond w/a girl. I don’t think it really hit me until a few years ago, my friend and her daughter read a novel series together, then would climb in bed together @ night and discuss it. I have two sister & six brothers – my mom always favored the brothers, so there wasn’t a huge amount of ‘girl’ bonding there. Both you and A.Skye ROCK!! :-)

Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Salsa
I am SO making this, yet unlike you, I will be eating it all myself. The Sig/Other would look at this like it’s something I scraped off the street (he’s a very boring eater), and my 28 year old son will call it “girl food.” More for me!! :-) Thanks for sharing.

Stepping Out
Okay, first off (the way I start a rant); YOUR HAIR IS FRICKIN’ GORGE-GORGE!!! What a surprise when I clicked on the link! I SO want to go natural and short, but my the upkeep for me just won’t let me be great. Your look is right on time for hot summer days. Secondly, again – I love your post w/your family. It truly makes me smile. Thirdly – Akilah is totally yumz!! :-)

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