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Seven Shares // Vol. 1

I find myself inspired by so much awesome on the internet that I’ve decided to start sharing it with you guys. It’s a nice getaway from my usual long-winded posts. Enjoy the very first edition of Seven Shares and have a great weekend, friends.

1. Mimi G On Beauty, Self Love And Natural Hair – I can totally relate to like all.of.this.

2. This rainbow Christmas Tree is everything.

3. Holiday Stress Quiz – Yeeeah, so I scored DANGER ZONE … I need to check my emotions.

4. This stocking display is what I need in my life.

5. The TOMS For Target collaboration provides shoes, blankets, and meals to people in need. Sounds like a great excuse to go shopping. 😉

6. I’m totally making this peace twig wreath next year.

7. I don’t know if my love for leopard has anything to do with the current trend or my age. Like is there an age where becoming obsessed with leopard is a thing or is it just because it’s currently all the rage? At any rate, this bag… honey. Yas.;tid=1;dt=6;

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