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Ki Came, Ki Saw, Ki Conquered

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It’s hard to believe in just five months, I will have a three year old tiny woman. THREE. The years have flown by, but I remember a time when time didn’t go fast enough. During her first year, we were told all sorts of things. That she may have physical and intellectual challenges on top of having to face the world with a noticeable difference that would require surgery. Hours after her arrival, she was poked and prodded by hospital staff. She had scopes and scans and more scans to follow over her first few months. In those months that seemed to linger on, all we could do was wait and see. We already had two children under our belts and had adopted a free approach to this parenting thing and development, but the third go round was a bit of new territory.

I spent my share of hours Googling her condition with little results. I tried as much as I could to not obsess over searching and to continue watching our seemingly normal baby do normal baby things. Then her gross motor skills became a concern. Standing firm in believing that every child develops at their own pace, we gave Akilah time when she seemed to be hitting her motor milestones on a four month delay. We signed her up for child development programs in the event that she would need them. We were wait-listed and in the end she caught up all on her own schedule without additional help. She literally started walking out of nowhere at 18 months. She went from crawling to knee walking to walking in long strides as if she had been secretly practicing behind our backs. She really had us stumped. How was this girl who was told that she would probably need physical therapy able to just stand up and walk from room to room like it was nothing?

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Her first strides were definitely met with relief. A huge weight was lifted and that was one less thing we had to discuss at regular pediatrician visits. Two months after she started walking, it was time for her first nose surgery. She scampered around the children’s hospital pre-op and was ready to get back to living her best life after her short recovery period. Of course doctor’s orders meant nothing to a bouncy toddler waiting for her anesthesia to completely wear off.

Akilah hasn’t missed a beat ever since her feet hit the floor in overdrive. She’s our little happy bunny, always on her toes bouncing to and fro. She’s the bossiest… I know we have our reservations around that word, but Miss Honey demands what she wants from snacks to pedicures, respect from seagulls, craft supplies, and outfit changes. She can be found painting murals on the walls with toothpaste, making pretend phones out of bookmarks, and accessorizing in . Yes, Carter’s is her jam.

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From the day that we brought baby Akilah home in her first outfit through almost three years of milestones and everyday moments, providing quality and playful pieces for our growing fashionista. From the very start Akilah’s shown us that she dances to her own tune, through and through. Nothing will stand in her way and I’m here to make sure of it. Ki Came, Ki Saw, and she continues to conquer.

Sources: All Carter’s – Heart JumperDino PajamasShoes

Jackie Allum

Saturday 18th of August 2018

What a precious little beauty! She's going to be a heartbreaker when she grows up. Thanks for sharing such an amazing story. xxx

Mommy Rockin' In Style

Saturday 31st of March 2018

She is so adorable! My son also turned 3 last month. You have such a beautiful story. God bless your family.


Friday 30th of March 2018

What an awesome young lady! She has been through a lot and is definitely a conqueror. I love her style and that she paints murals with toothpaste.


Friday 30th of March 2018

Your daughter is awesome! She just shines! Love your style too :)

Maria Magdalena

Friday 30th of March 2018

She is so cute! Thank God she is in good condition. I love reading your story, so inspiring.

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