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Signs That Your Footwear Collection Needs A Revamp

Photo by Valeriia Miller from Pexels

Although every fashionista deserves to pamper oneself with new pairs of footwear from time to time, there is a need to go minimal with your collection. But even as you follow the rule of minimalism for your shoe rack, you must still have something for every occasion. After all, the way you dress your feet is an important aspect of the ensemble and can reflect on your dressing sense and personality. And even if you own plenty of pairs, a periodic revamp of the collection is essential to make sure that it is good enough. Here are some signs that your footwear collection needs a revamp.

Sign #1: You don’t seem to own the basics

If you know shoe-fashion well enough, you will know the basics you need to have in your rack. Ideally, you should have pairs for work, party, casual dressing, and workout. Obviously, you can have a checklist of basics you should stock up, from black pumps to ballet shoes, strappy sandals, flip flops, high boots, and sneakers. A revamp becomes necessary if you feel that you don’t have these basics.

Sign #2: Your collection is short of trendy pieces

 A quick look at your current collection can help you assess how well it aligns with the latest trends. You can follow celebrities, look at fashion magazines, or check JustFab to see what’s hot and trending right now. For example, picking knee-length boots for the upcoming fall-winter season is a good idea if you don’t have a pair right now. After all, you wouldn’t want to stay behind the latest and the hottest.

Sign #3: There isn’t enough variety and versatility

Apart from the basics and trendy pairs, your collection should have enough variety and versatility at any point in time. If there isn’t enough to match with your special outfits for special occasions, a revamp is recommended sooner rather than later. When it comes to variety and versatility, look for adding a few vibrant colors, patterns and styles that you can wear to different places and for different occasions.

Sign #4: The pairs you own are in a bad shape

Another reason to invest in a revamp for your footwear collection is that the pairs you currently own are in a bad shape. You cannot expect shoes to last for years and they are bound to look forlorn after a couple of years. Even the ones that you don’t wear on a regular basis tend to lose their shape and fade, particularly if you don’t give them good care over the years. Finally, old shoes may start feeling uncomfortable as well because of the change in shape. Or you may have swelling or change in size that makes the fit less perfect than it used to be.

A periodic assessment of your shoe rack is a must. Good looking footwear can make or mar your overall appearance, so you should go the extra mile with this investment. Apart from regular revamp, do pamper yourself by picking a nice pair on special occasions or just before you like it.

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