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Signs Your Dog Might be Severely Ill

Photo by Pixabay

There are a few signs that your dog may be severely ill to the point of needing expert care. One of the first is not eating right. But also changes in behavior. Here is some handy advice.

Vomiting and Uncontrolled Toilet Habits

One of the easiest ways to tell if your dog is unwell is by watching its toilet habits. If your dog is going to the toilet too much with diarrhea, it could be something temporary and may pass. But if this is accompanied by vomiting, it could indicate a severe illness or poisoning. When this becomes uncontrollable, it may be best to consider in-home pet euthanasia if there is no sign of recovery. This is because some illnesses can drastically lower the quality of life for your dog. 

Not Eating How they Usually Do

If you have had a dog even for a day, then you know they love to eat. Because of this, a loss of appetite could be one of the first signs of an illness. Of course, there are many reasons for this, and some dogs are also very picky about their food. And others become bored with the same diet. However, your dog may also be allergic to the food you are feeding them, so try to make notes about behavior to identify if they are becoming ill after eating or not eating what you give.

Your Dog Might be Severely Ill with Bad Breath

Bad breath can occur in older dogs, and simply because they cannot brush. Dog dental sticks are great for this, as is switching to dry food from meat. But if your dog’s breath is foul to the point where you cannot stand it, it could indicate a severe dental issue, inflammation, or an allergic reaction. These are easily rectified with vet guidance. But foul dog breath coils also mean they have heart, liver, or kidney problems caused by the bacteria or poor dental care.

Aggressive Behaviour Changes

Even the friendliest family dog can become aggressive when they are ill. This is because, like humans, they are irritable when they feel terrible. Sudden aggression and behavior changes may indicate they are in pain for some reason. However, this can also result from territorial guarding, anxiety, and improper dog socialization. If you are concerned about this and wish to avoid something really bad happening, consult your local vet for a checkup and guidance.

Hiding Away from You and Others

Dogs may also suffer mental stress as much as physical, just like people. And this can result in similar behavior, such as hiding away from you. This is often the result of external stress beyond their control, such as reacting to loud noises. And because of a dog’s elevated hearing, this can be something as benign as a neighbor talking loudly or something stressful such as fireworks outside. The best thing to do is comfort your dog the best you can until the stress passes.


Your dog might be severely ill if they are vomiting and going to the bathroom uncontrollably. However, foul breath could be a sign of infection, and hiding away indicates mental stress.

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