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Simple Cleaning With Bissell’s Symphony Vacuum & Steam Mop


Our kitchen floor is such a pain to clean. Or maybe I’m just lazy. Or both. Cleaning our kitchen floor consists of moving anything that obstructs cleaning and vacuuming up all the crumbs that have found their way on the floor mostly due to the littles. Then, it’s time to break out the mop and go to work on any stains. One week, it may be a splat of tomato sauce, the next, a smooshed glob of blueberries or mud from the patio.

For a while, I had been using a Bissell steam mop. I loved the idea of being able to clean and sanitize our floors with steam. But the mop that required the use of distilled water, eventually got shoved in the corner of our utility closet. Buying distilled water was just.another.thing that I didn’t want to bother with. I reverted back to my basic Libman mop and bucket.

I didn’t want to give up on Bissell. Afterall, their carpet cleaners have worked wonderfully on our carpet. So when offered the chance to demo one of their newest machines, the Symphony Vacuum & Steam Mop, I gleefully accepted. Because 2 in 1. And no distilled water. I’m here for anything that simplifies the task of keeping house. Here for it I am. Mmm hmm and yes.


The Bissell Symphony includes a water measuring cup and two microban mop pads: one for everyday mopping and one to scrub tough messes. I prefer the everyday pad (without the rubber grips) since it glides across the floor more easily. The Bissell Symphony features easy-touch digital controls on the handle for seamless switching between vacuum and steam functions. The vacuum component did a really great job at cleaning up all crumbs and elements from our floor. A thing to note is that the vacuum must be pushed forward as it cannot pick up going backwards.

The Symphony also did a great job thoroughly cleaning our floor. We have old laminate tile, so I used the high steam setting with a little Mrs. Meyers all purpose directly on the floor for a little oomph and aromatherapy. I love how efficient the Symphony is. It doesn’t take much water to get some serious cleaning done. I was happy to not have to refill the water tank because it took me a while to pry it open. The water is nice and secure. That’s for sure. Overall, the Bissell Symphony Vacuum & Steam Mop is an excellent choice for cleaning hard floors. It simplifies the dreaded task by packing two machines in one. Since we have two little ones, our floors dirty much faster, which means we have to clean them more often. The Bissell Symphony shaves off a significant amount of time from our cleaning routine and for that, we are smitten. You can find the Bissell Symphony Vacuum & Steam Mop at Walmart for $198.96. You won’t be disappointed.

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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