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Small Herb Garden: Vertical Planter Spray Paint Makeover


Our last spring gardening project inspired another project; a quick and easy planter makeover. Since we are moving, we aren’t doing much in the yard. With portability in mind, I decided to get some herbs going in a stackable planter that one of my neighbors left behind. It was in need of a makeover. It was cracked in some places, but still a great home for herbs.

I dumped out the soil and gave the outside of the planter a good washing before spray painting. Two coats of spray paint and thirty minutes later, I had a pretty home for my organic herbs. I spotted some organic mint and cilantro in Walmart’s produce aisle, so I potted those plants as well as some basil and dill seeds.


Krylon Fusion Spray Paint
Vertical Planters
Herb Plants or Herb Seeds



Thoroughly clean and pat planter dry. Be sure to do this project outside to avoid breathing in the paint fumes. Place planter upside down on drop cloth, shake up the paint, and spray on an even coat. Let dry for 15 minutes before spraying on a 2nd coat. Let dry for an additional 15 minutes.

Pot herbs or plant seeds and enjoy your pretty little herb garden.

If this is your first time re-potting plants, please note that the plants may wilt for a few days due to shock. Let’s pretend that my cilantro isn’t in its feelings today. Agreed? I may slide in a photo once it perks back up. 🙂


What DIY gardening projects are you working on? I’d love to know!

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