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Simple: The Moisturizer & Facial Wipes


The Simple Skincare commercials have been enticing me with statements like “perfect for sensitive skin” and “no dyes, artificial perfumes, or harsh irritants”. I have super, super sensitive skin. One day, it can be glowing ever so illustriously… the next… it could be covered in hives or another weird rash. My skin hasn’t been the same since the start of my twenties. I break out if I overheat, come in contact with itchy materials, strong chemical irritants… or whatever else my skin decides to freak out from.

Before I could go out and purchase Simple (with my own moolah), Walmart sent me a gift card to do so. Score! I appreciated that gift card a little bit more once I caught a glimpse of the prices. Hey, it is the #1 skincare in the UK. Maybe the prices will go down in the near future.


So I picked up the Hydrating Light Moisturizer for $9.97 and Cleansing Facial Wipes for $4.97. Price gripes aside, the products do work well. In addition to being sensitive, my skin is of the combination variety. It needs to be moisturized after washing or it will dry out, however, by the end of the day it’s greasy and gross. So the light moisturizer is just what I need to get the day started and the wipes are a perfect way to degrease and remove any makeup before bedtime. The light moisturizer is just enough moisture for me without weighing my face down or making it sticky. And the wipes have been getting me through lazy nights. They (the wipes) do have parabens in them, which makes me sad since I love them.

I hoping that Simple reconsiders the use of parabens being a company who puts emphasis on simple ingredients. They really have a good thing going. Maybe then, I’ll be willing to spend a few extra dollars on their line. Just being honest. It’s feedback like this that help companies improve their products. I can point out the use of parabens in products until I’m blue in the face and it’s something I don’t want to have to keep doing, but when it comes to a product that markets itself as natural, I have to say something. I’m not 100% anti-parabens, but I’m part of the better safe than sorry/in moderation crew.

Have you tried Simple? Let me know what you think :).

If you’re interested in trying Simple, be sure to pick up the $1 off coupon at

I am a member of the Walmart Moms program. Walmart is compensating me for sharing my experience with Simple Skincare. All words and opinions are always my own. Read my full disclosure policy here.

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