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 Simple Steps To Boost Your Complexion At Any Age

Many of us long for smoother, softer, more radiant skin. Taking good care of your skin can help you to look and feel younger and more confident. If you dream of a vibrant, youthful complexion, here are some simple steps to take today. 

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Review your skin care routine

Everyone should have a skin care routine. No matter how old you are or what skin type you have, it’s hugely beneficial to look after your skin. Take time to cleanse and moisturize each day and use skincare products to target problem areas. If you’ve been using the same products for years, or you feel like you could be doing more, review your skin care routine and consider making changes. Seek advice from experts if you have concerns about your skin, for example, acne-prone skin, redness or dry, flaky skin, and search for products that are suitable for your skin type. 

Treat yourself to regular pamper sessions

Many of us enjoy pampering sessions, but we don’t treat ourselves enough. Try to make time for regular facials or trips to the spa or beauty salon, or schedule frequent home spa and self-care days. You don’t need to spend a fortune to reap the rewards of treating your skin. Explore treatment options or search for products you can use at home, such as face and eye masks, body wraps and skin oils. If your partner loves to indulge, or you’ve not seen your friends for a while, why not plan a DIY spa date or swap a night out for a night in?

Exercise regularly

Most of us know that regular exercise is good for our hearts, bones and muscles, but did you know that working out can also boost your complexion? An active lifestyle is beneficial for your skin because it improves circulation. This is important for delivering nutrients to your skin and getting rid of toxins and other waste products. Health experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. This can include everything from walking, running and yoga classes to cycling, swimming, dancing and playing team sports. 


Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the best ways to prevent premature aging and skin damage. We all like to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin, but powerful UV rays can be harmful. Use SPF daily and try to minimize exposure to the sun during the hottest part of the day during the summer months. Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated. 

Eat well

A nutritious, balanced diet offers an array of benefits, including bright, healthy skin. Foods that are particularly beneficial for your skin include nuts and seeds, berries, oily fish, avocados and tomatoes. 

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Many of us wish we had smoother, clearer, more youthful skin. The good news is that making simple changes can have a dramatic impact on your complexion. Review and adjust your skin care routine, treat yourself to regular pamper sessions and try to exercise regularly. Use SPF daily and ensure you have a healthy, balanced diet. 

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