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Six Great Tips For Fall Camping

We’re coming into the Fall right now and the last vestiges of summer are dying out. Does that mean that your camping adventures have to die out? Absolutely not! A brisk Fall is the best time to camp, and whether you are in an RV or you don a backpack and a tent, you can have an amazing time.

Just because you spent the entire summer beach camping, it doesn’t mean that you will have to stop anytime soon. You can ensure that your Fall camping experience is a good one and as inexpensive as possible when you book yours. Whether you head to the mountains to embrace hiking and the sunsets or you head to a lake, you can have a much needed fun break away when you choose to camp this Fall. If you want your trip to be an exciting one, here are six great tips for it to go well!

  1. Look at the weather reports. Fall is known to be cooler and wetter than some times in the year, but it’s for this reason you should check the weather reports before you go. If you can camp in a dry place, it makes for a much more fun trip. Google all of the places that have a mix of warm days and cooler nights that remain as dry as possible. You also want to know you’re going to pack for the right weather and not just be in shorts while it’s freezing cold.
  2. Always bring extra blankets. Other than just staying warm, blankets are perfect for sitting comfortably next to the fire while you make s’mores. Camping comfortably often means that you need to load up with extra blankets for things like watching the stars and telling campfire stories.
  3. Prepack food. If you love things like campfire stew, make it at home and bring it in some Tupperware to warm it over the fire while you cook sausages and baked potatoes. This is a pro tip if you can’t be bothered to cook from scratch once you arrive at the campsite.
  4. Don’t forget to pack a sleeping pad. Your day of hiking in the Fall is going to exhaust you – it’s inevitable. Bringing a sleeping pad for your trip is the best way to make sure that you have a comfortable night of sleep. You can hunker down by the embers of the fire and get cozy on the ground. 
  5. Bring fuzzy socks. If there is one thing that will ensure that your body remains warm is a pair of thick and fluffy socks. Cold feet can make your whole body feel cold, and thick socks can really help you. Pack slippers while you’re there, too, as these will add another layer for your feet.
  6. Pack the emergency kit. You need to have as many extras you can carry, from a spare gas canister for your lighter to a spare phone and battery in case of emergencies. Register your hike with the local rangers, too, just so that they know where they are.

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