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Small Home, But Big On Style

Even if your home is small, you can still make it stylish. Here’s what to do: 

Put Grocery Store Flowers In Vases

Who says that you have to spend a small fortune on fresh flowers daily? Not us, that’s for sure. Instead of going to an expensive online florist and arranging regular deliveries, shop at your local grocery store instead. Flowers can last for up to a week if you feed them properly. 

Paint Your Rooms In Classic Neutral

Classic neutral paint can be a great way to improve the style of your home. Choose a trendy color, like cream or white, and then run with it, using it everywhere you can. You’ll notice that your rooms start to look more like chic show homes. And the best bit? You hardly spend any money. 

Add An Area Rug

If you don’t have area rugs in your home yet, you’re missing a trick. These wonderful additions provide a basis for everything else in the room, particularly the living room and dining room.

When selecting area rugs, choose those that provide between one-to-two meters of bare flooring. Then place coffee tables and seating on top of them so that the furniture is moved into the center of the roof. 

Play With Your Exterior Materials

Even if your home is small, you can still play with exterior materials to make your property’s appearance more appealing. Steel roofing, stucco walls and shiplap cladding are all possible options you might want to consider. 

If you’re not sure how to proceed, go to a designer. Ask them what would add to your home’s character and improve its curb appeal. 

Swap Out Your Tired Old Lampshades For New Ones

Take a look around the lampshades in your home. Do they complement your interior style? Or are they just whatever was available? The great thing about updating your lampshades is that it’s inexpensive and something you can do if you have limited space. Find shades that reflect your home’s style and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Match Your Open Storage Containers

Have you noticed that open storage can be a bit hit or miss? When you see carefully manicured examples in online images, it looks great. But, in practice, it’s often far less stylish. 

The trick here is to buy matching open storage containers. Rather than placing all your items on your open shelving, you first place boxes and then store all your trinkets inside. The result is a much cleaner-looking storage area. 

Add New Hardware

Take a look at your light switches, door knobs and drawer pulls? If they’re looking a little worn out or have an uninspired design, you can replace them, often for less money than you might think.

If replacing hardware on your front door, choose something that makes a statement. A lion’s mane knocker, for instance, immediately sets the tone for your home. 

Hang Your Curtains High

Lastly, to create more space in your home, try hanging your curtains higher up on the wall. The optical illusion can be quite powerful, making your rooms feel taller and brighter. 

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