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Small Space Coffee Station: Cricut Canister Labels & Wood Signs

Small Space Coffee Station: Cricut Canister Labels & Wood Signs

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Coffee stations have been trending for a while and seem to be an essential part of every home. Have a coffee maker, a tray, some mugs, and a few signs? Then you have yourself a coffee station! You can have a coffee station/bar situation anywhere in your home. Don’t let the design shows and blogs discourage you! Do the best with your resources and make it your own!

My coffee station came to be by accident. Our current kitchen has very little counter space, which left no room for a coffee maker. So I decided to place my coffee maker in my room and keep it pushing. I liked the idea of having it in my room since my morning coffee had become routine and I didn’t have to go out to the kitchen to make a cup. Before I knew it, I had a whole little coffee, breakfast, snack corner situation and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s been nice having a space for my favorite things that I don’t have to share.

I recently decided to finish the space to give it a coffee station feel. I purchased a canister bread box set and a tea organizer for a cleaner look. I wasn’t feeling the labels on the canister set and I didn’t intend to use them as labeled, so with my Cricut, I remedied that quickly by making my own custom labels. To add some personality to my coffee station, I also created some signs to express my sentiments around coffee. Coffee is serious business. If I don’t have my Cafe Bustelo and hazelnut creamer, it’s a problem. I feel like such an old lady, but as we get older, we grow to appreciate our comforts.

Growing up as a little girl, I remember random visits to my aunt’s house. She always had a stash of flavored teas, snack cakes, and candies in her room. She also kept flavored coffee creamers around; Amaretto and Hazelnut. She, my mom, and I would go to this bakery outlet that gave rewards for each purchase. They’d punch a slot in a card each time and when the entire card was full, you’d get free stuff. I remember loading up on Hostess fruit pies and these big, fluffy blueberry muffins. I would eat blueberry muffins until I was sick. I eventually learned my lesson, but I still got love for the sweets. While working on this project, I got news that my aunt had unfortunately passed away. It was in that moment that I realized how much of an influence she was in my life and this corner is basically all her with my aesthetic. I think she would be proud.

So let’s get into this coffee corner/station situation and what I did to make it mine.


This is what my coffee corner looked like pre-Cricut fabulousness. I decided to label two of the small canisters for coffee since I usually purchase two cans/packs of coffee at a time. The third canister I labeled for powdered creamer. The second “e” gave me trouble twice (I forgot to weld the cursive font.) so I just went with the word “cream”. It actually fit the canister better without the “e” and “r” anyway. The bread box became my “breakfast” box since I plan to keep danishes, bagels, and muffins inside.

Materials I Used

Cricut Explore Air 2
Premium Vinyl™ – Removable
StandardGrip Mat
Transfer Tape
Weeding Tool
4×4 Wood Squares
Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

In Cricut Design Space, I made labels for the canister set and art for the wood signs. The “hug in a mug” art is from Design Space. I ended up changing the font for the “How do I take my coffee?” to a sans-serif because it was too much of a pain to weed.

Canister Labels

After my Cricut had completed the cut, I did some weeding and then applied transfer tape over the vinyl. Then, I removed the entire sheet/project from the Cricut mat, cut the labels out and applied them to the canisters and bread box.

Wood Signs

Next was to apply art to the 4×4 blocks. I had painted them and let them dry before applying the vinyl. It was super easy and for the price of one sign, I have two complete, plus two left over. You can also decorate both sides for a variety of messages throughout the seasons. You can do the same with the canisters!


When I wake up in the morning, this is what I see. It’s a total vibe and I love it so much. I added a little sign that I got from Big Lots above the coffee maker, because it was looking a little bare. I may move the plants around and hang some mugs from the shelf and mount my tea organizer, but for now I am pleased. Hope this project inspired you to get creative in your spaces! For more Cricut inspiration, visit and be sure to use the hashtag #cricutathome when sharing your projects on social media!

Have you been doing any decorating during quarantine? Share what you’ve been up to in the comments.

Small Space Coffee Station: Cricut Canister Labels & Wood Signs Small Space Coffee Station: Cricut Canister Labels & Wood Signs Small Space Coffee Station: Cricut Canister Labels & Wood Signs


Monday 19th of April 2021

What is the cursive font you used on the canisters?

Sheena Tatum

Tuesday 20th of April 2021

Hi, It's the Shorelines font.

Tiffany Phillips

Tuesday 9th of March 2021

Love this look! I'm looking for ways to refresh the kitchen and this DIY is adorable! Thanks for the tips.

Sheena Tatum

Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

You're very welcome!

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