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Smart House Technology for Saving Energy

Efficiency is important for homeowners. Every month, we look at our utility bills and wonder “Am I paying too much?” Nowadays, we can know exactly how much energy we’re using and what can be improved to decrease how much we pay for things like water and electricity. This is thanks to smart home innovations such as house monitoring systems, which show you exactly where you’re using most of your energy. This allows you to make changes, whether that means upgrading outdated appliances or doing something like installing smart plugs and power strips.

Smart thermostats are an innovation that’s quickly becoming a standard feature in new homes. These systems let you punch in a temperature you want to maintain whenever you’re at home, just like a regular system. But, unlike older thermostats, these units learn when you and your family members are there and adjust the temperature so that less energy is used when the place is empty. This is a fantastic way to lower your utility bills since giving your HVAC system a rest for at least a few hours can put a 10 percent dent in your heating and cooling expenses.

This is just one way to upgrade your home. Innovations such as motorized window shades and ceiling fans are also becoming popular. Like smart thermostats, these inventions optimize energy use to ensure you’re comfortable at home while also guaranteeing that energy isn’t wasted when you’re out on the town. You can read about these and other innovations in the infographic below.


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