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Smoke Safety: The Facts About Smoke Curtains

If you’re looking into preventing fires or being prepared if one happens then you’ll be considering the best pieces of equipment for your fire safety kit.

Of course, you’ll want to fit smoke alarms and have your electrical systems checked regularly. You’ll also need an exit plan drawn up and practice it occasionally. It can even be beneficial to have fire extinguishers in the building.

But, have you considered purchasing high-quality smoke curtains?

What Are Smoke Curtains

Smoke curtains are not made of cloth-like traditional curtains, they are also not designed to go in windows. Instead, these are fitted to the ceiling and are rolled inside a box. The smoke curtain needs to be attached to your fire alarm system. It can also have its own smoke detector.

When smoke from a fire is detected by the curtain or the alarm is triggered, the curtain will drop. It’s worth noting that this curtain doesn’t drop completely to the floor. It is designed to leave a small gap that people can move through.

How Smoke Curtains Work

You’ll be wondering why you want a curtain dropping from the ceiling but not hitting the floor. It’s designed to contain the smoke. In a fire smoke rises, that’s why you’re always told to stay low to the ground. In fact, smoke is one of the biggest killers in a fire as it gets into your lungs and stops them from absorbing oxygen.

The smoke curtain contains the smoke, preventing it from spreading through the building. At the same time, the small gap at the bottom allows you to get past, if you need to and can safely do so.

They drop automatically, helping to save lives.

The Benefits When Escaping The Fire

Smoke curtains contain the smoke while the alarm system alerts you to the issue. If you’ve positioned the smoke curtains correctly you’ll have created a safe passage that you can use to get out of your building and to safety.

That’s their main role, not to contain or stop the fire but to protect you and your lungs, allowing you to get out.

After all, no matter how attached you are to the house it is just bricks and mortar. The building can be replaced, you and your family can’t.

Improved Visibility 

Smoke kills because it gets into your lungs. But, it is also very thick and heavy. If it fills the passageways it can be very easy to become disorientated and move in the wrong direction. This can be fatal.

A smoke curtain will prevent this from happening and allow you to get out safely.

Final Thoughts

Smoke curtains can be used at home or work. They are a useful aid to help people get out in the case of a fire. But, you should still have smoke alarms, fire detectors, extinguishers, and regular fire drills. While you hope that you never experience a fire, it is definitely better to be prepared, it increases your chances of surviving.;tid=1;dt=6;

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