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Snacking With noosa®

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I know I’ve mentioned this before, but breastfeeding kicks my butt. After nursing two children for two years each and now a third, I’m sure of it. Only this time around I’m not playing any games when it comes to my nutrition. In the past, I’d start my days off completely wrong. I’d get up and nose dive straight into my laptop instead of the kitchen. I’d become completely distracted by numerous tabs and demands of a toddler. Before I knew it hours would have gone by resulting in a cranky mama unable to focus and nothing completed on my todo list. “Crap, I need food!”


I still have days when I am sidetracked but I’ve gotten into a routine where I take care of myself first, well, baby comes first then breakfast or whatever meal I throw together. The meals that I create aren’t always traditional or eaten during the “correct” times of the day, but what matters is that I’m getting meals in multiples times a day and on time. Throughout the day, I am steadily snacking on whatever I can find. Any food aversions that I’ve had like the texture of eggs and the taste of plain tomatoes are gone out of the window. Gone are the days of daydreaming into the fridge wondering what I’m going to eat. As a mama of three, with an increased workload, I have no time to be picky. Greg makes fun of the food combos that I come up with, but at the end of the day I have to keep the breastmilk flowin’ and the energy goin’.


Some of my snacks include salsa and chips, olives, and yoghurt and I may pair some or all with a regular meal. Yes, olives. Yes, with a meal. Breastfeeding only requires a billion calories a day, ya know! Wait… what the heck is yoghurt? You live in the U.S.! I promise I’m not being bougie. Yoghurt is how the Aussie folks spell yogurt. See, I received a care package from noosa® , a yoghurt brand born in Australia. When they say they make delicious yoghurt like no other, they mean it! Their yoghurt is thick, velvety, and serendipitous. That says a lot for yoghurt. Really, it’s a treat that’ll have you hooked.


The folks at noosa® hooked me up with several flavors; lemon, tart cherry, blueberry, raspberry, coconut, pumpkin, strawberry rhubarb, cranberry apple, and vanilla. Each flavor was a scrumptious delight. That pumpkin though? Yaaass!




noosa® yoghurt is all natural, made from farm-fresh rBGH-free whole milk, sweet unpasteurized honey, and purée made with real fruit. While noosa® tastes much like a rich, decadent dessert, I find comfort in knowing that each blend is made with love and nutrition in mind. noosa® yoghurt is like no other yoghurt I’ve ever tasted. After gobbling up my stash (which I hid from the kids), I had to make a trip to the supermarket for more. Y’all, this stuff is amazing. To find noosa® in your area, use their handy locator at and don’t forget to grab a coupon. You’ll need it, trust me.


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