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3 Ways To Organize Your Makeup & Beauty Goods


NYX Tinted Moisturizer in Warm Beige / Maybelline ExpertWear Eyeshadow in Copper Craze as blush / CoverGirl Lip Lava in Ooh La Lava

Spring is on the horizon, which means it’s time to purge excess, organize favs, and welcome a fresh look. I’m talking beauty here. So often we focus on cleaning and organizing our homes paying little attention to personal care. I for one am guilty of this in real life and on this here blog. So to celebrate spring and myself, I am going to be consciously adding on to the Primping category up there.

While I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup, I’ve seemed to have accumulated quite a bit of it. Each year, I pick up a few new things forgetting to purge out old products. So the first thing I did during this year’s spring cleaning was get rid of all expired and unwanted products from my makeup Caboodle. Since I don’t put much priority on makeup, I’ve had my favorites sitting in a makeup bag. This of course makes it a little difficult when it’s time to put everything on especially in our new bathroom with zero counter space. Having a pedestal sink sure can complicate some things, but I came up with a solution which is my first tip on how to organize makeup and beauty goods.


I now keep my commonly used makeup in IKEA Grundtal cups above the bathroom sink. I am able to access things pretty quickly and I’m not struggling to figure out where to set things down. Having the makeup on display also helps me to remember what I have and to actually make an effort to use it.


I have a thing for lipstick. I lust over more than what I actually buy. To keep inventory on my current lippies and prepare for more, I purchased an acrylic lipstick display which sits on my dresser. I may mount it to the wall with some Command Strips to avoid any toddler mishaps.


So I said I have a thing for lipstick, well I have an obsession for nail polish. To avoid buying duplicate colors, I display my collection in IKEA Bygel baskets on a wall in our bedroom. Both IKEA hacks were originally used to house silverware and spices in our old kitchen, but now they’ve been re-purposed for my beauty goods.


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Red Eye

There you have it; three ways I organize my makeup and beauty goods. I hope these tips help you organize and beautify this season! Be sure to check out Meijer’s Beauty section for their new lineup of cosmetic and skin care products from brands like Neutrogena, CoverGirl, Sally Hansen, L’Oreal and more! Feeling makeup dumb? Check out makeup for beginners over at Clumps of Mascara!


Special thanks to Meijer for sponsoring this post and providing me with product samples!

Pro Makeup Organizing Guru – Mr. BB

Wednesday 4th of March 2015

Great Blog, because I love organized makeup too. The biggest challenge with keeping makeup organized is when it “migrates” from a Grundtal cup to a purse to a makeup bag...and this is compounded when we cannot easily see all our items. We’ve all been there, I know my mascara is in here somewhere! Where’s my eyeliner? I can’t find my… only to make an emergency stop to pick up another item because it’s not with us when we need it.

Google Beauty Butler and see for yourself another simple great solution to traditional makeup organizing woes. When your makeup is clean and organized, it's more fun to use... I Promise –Mr. BB Professional Makeup Organizing Guru

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