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Believe it or not, fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. It can actually be simple if you adopt a minimalist approach to getting dressed. I know, amazing concept right? The minimalist trend has really become huge over the last few years. As a gal who is trying to embrace a more minimal lifestyle and also loves color and patterns, I’ve been trying to find a middle ground when tackling my closet and rebuilding my wardrobe.

Spring minimalist fashion isn’t hard to understand. Think of building a simple capsule wardrobe of only a few solid colors; denim, black, white, grey, and warm earth tones such as olive and camel. Heavy patterns are usually out, but stripes (black and white) and muted florals are welcomed. Now if you love color and patterns like I do, you can jazz up your classic pieces with shoes and accessories.


You don’t really need to spend much to look fashionable with this trend. A pair of black capri leggings with a solid colored tunic that flares at the bottom is perfect. Another great minimalist look would be a pink t-shirt dress with a few slits along the bottom as a style element.

Fashion experts advise replacing skin tight tops with tops that are slightly looser. Having a smaller frame, this is advice I am cautious with since I love for my tops to be more form fitting. I don’t wear them as tight as I did back in high school and college though. I do love basic tops with angular designs and flare as it gives them more personality.


For the most part, minimalist fashion is not the most colorful fashion trend. Most of the looks I’ve seen mix no more than three colors with most sticking to just two. Now if you love color and patterns like I do, you can jazz up your classic pieces with shoes and accessories. You can go bright with one item and pair it with black, grey, or white to keep it simple, yet colorful. You could grab a pair of shorts or a maxi skirt in black, grey, or white and pair with a loose fitting tee or tank in a bright color. Long dresses are just begging for colorful accessories. Bold colored shoes like Converse sneakers or colorful scarf paired with muted pieces are also an option.


Top the look off with a few simple accessories. Once again, less is more. A thin bracelet, stud earrings, or skinny hoops, and a basic necklace add some flair without going overboard. I usually go with white gold and silver, but I have fallen in love with vintage gold costume jewelry by Madewell.

Enjoy simple with pops of color and texture and you’ve got this minimalist trend modified!

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Jazz Up Your Capsule With Shoes & Accessories

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  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty April 4, 2016 at 2:07 PM

    I love your minimalist outfit ideas, and the rings in the last photo are adorable!

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  • Sacred April 4, 2016 at 2:04 PM

    This is perfect for the wife/mom/entrepreneur who’s coming out of her shell. Thanks for the tips.

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