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Standing All Day? Here Are 4 Tips to Help You Survive

Having a job where you stand all day leads to many unique challenges. This particular work requirement can lead to sore legs, feet, and knees, not to mention your back and other ailments. Unless you account for them, these potential complications could make you miss days on the job or result in a drop in productivity. The good news is there are ways to combat the common problems that come with these career choices, whether you work as a nurse, waitress, stylist, or construction worker.

Stay Limber

Like sitting all day long at your place of employment, standing for long periods strains your muscles and ligaments. In order to stay limber, be sure to stretch often. Turn your head from side to side and up and down slowly to take care of your head and neck, shrug and circle your shoulders, twist your waist and touch your toes. All of these are examples of moves you can do throughout the day to keep your muscles flexible and feeling good.

Here are some other stretches you can do:

1. Tilt your head from one shoulder to the other.

2. Stretch your legs out one at a time while pointing and flexing each foot.

3. Bend your knee, grab your foot, and stretch each thigh muscle by holding the position.

4. Bring your arms above your head and stretch toward the ceiling.

Check with your doctor for other moves you can do during the day that will specifically address the areas you need to pay attention to, depending on your job.

Choose the Right Footwear

Most people don’t realize that what they wear on their feet daily has a huge impact on their bodies. Standing all day in the wrong footwear can cause pain in your feet and back, foot deformities and numbness, ingrown toenails, bruising, and blisters. Not only do you need the right fit for your feet, but you need to find the right shoes to support you all day long. 

You should have a professional measure your feet before choosing any men’s or women’s work shoes in black, white, or any other color. Talk to your employer to see what they recommend you wear. A podiatrist could also help narrow your choices. 

Take Care of Your Feet

Many times, people who work on their feet all day can develop flattened arches, sore feet, peeling skin, or plantar fasciitis. Taking proper care of your feet when you’re off work can go a long way to avoiding these problems. Wear socks that allow your feet to breathe since they will be in your shoes all day. Consider soaking your feet to relax your muscles, and use a good moisturizer to massage your feet. Doing so will promote circulation and give your hard workers a chance to relax.

If any issues pop up, like ingrown toenails, warts, or blisters, tend to them properly. If you have any medical questions about taking care of foot problems, consult your doctor for help. Remember, as you stand all day, you’re working your legs, back, and core as well, so give those areas proper care.

Utilize Breaks

You may be tempted to work right through your breaks to get the day’s chores done early, but doing so can be hard on your body. Take those opportunities to sit, eat your lunch, put your feet up, and give yourself some much-needed rest. You could also use this time to stretch and relieve the stress of standing for long periods.

Taking care of the body that takes care of you is your number one priority. Treating it well will ensure you have the stamina to continue providing for yourself and your family.

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