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So I started a bank account for this plant hobby of mine. Meet Chime.

This post is sponsored by Chime but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

When the weather warms up, I get inspired. I start looking for new ways to not only grow plants and veggies but grow in various aspects of my life. I’m always looking to better organize and improve the way I handle my household. I’ve been wanting to open a bank account for shopping purposes so I can have that line of divide between wants and needs. It’s so easy to keep swiping and chipping away at that same debit card before realizing you probably should have sat down somewhere six whole transactions ago.

With my love of plants and garden projects, I’m finding it crucial to stay on track by budgeting for those things, especially during this quarantine. My need to nest has been in overdrive. I’ve always believed that home should be a place of retreat and not a place you need to escape from. Seeing that we’re having to spend more time at home, I figure I may as well make it feel more like a happy oasis while staying conscious of my spending of course.

I decided to try Chime as a way to manage my plant “oasis” spending. I chose Chime because of its ease of use and intuitive mobile banking features. As a freelancer who receives payments throughout the month at random times of the day, I love being able to bank whenever, wherever. Signing up for Chime was so simple. It only took me a few minutes to sign-up from the comfort of my phone. I had immediate use of the app, so while I waited for my personal debit card, I had the chance to learn my way around it. Chime is compatible with many banks and services. You can also set up a direct deposit with your employer or client to have funds sent directly to your Chime account.

My Chime debit card arrived in less than two weeks. Activating my debit card through the Chime app was also simple. I’ve been consciously using my Chime debit card to make purchases for my patio/garden space. On my phone, I receive real-time push notifications for each transaction so I’m always connected to my banking history. Another feature I’ve found handy is when my account balance falls below $20, Chime sends me a notification so I can add more money if needed or keep an eye on the account.

I love that Chime has no minimum account balances, no foreign transaction fees, and no monthly service fees! They’ll even spot debit card purchases with no overdraft fees up to $100 for eligible members. I recently learned that traditional banks made $34 billion dollars last year on fees. I appreciate that Chime does things differently. I appreciate that Chime does things differently, giving me peace of mind with its Spot feature. Every cent counts in my household and losing money to overdrafts isn’t something I particularly have time for.

I’m happy to be banking with Chime now. I’m implementing a rule where I don’t spend on wants if it isn’t within my Chime account. This has actually motivated me to find more ways to fund my account. I have quite a few more home projects I want to complete and then there’s my houseplant obsession which is an ongoing project in itself. When I said I wanted to turn my home into a jungle, I meant it.

Are you looking for a new way to bank? You can learn more about Chime and sign up for an account here.


Thursday 3rd of September 2020

Lol at turning your home into a jungle! Go for it and with Chime it seems like you will have a great way of managing your money and time to achieve that goal. Xo, Leslie @SobeSavvy


Wednesday 2nd of September 2020

That's actually a really good idea. I'm currently on a financial freedom journey which includes monitoring my spending closely. I like the idea of having a hobby spending account seperate from everything else. Chime sounds really cool; thanks for sharing!!

Ava Anderson

Tuesday 1st of September 2020

Hi Sheena,

I really liked the way you have explained Chime and the way it works. I think i'm gonna go for this and try out Chime.

Thanks for sharing.:) Much Love

Ava Anderson

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