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Starting the New Year with Disney


With the start of a new year, I begin reflecting on the last. Oftentimes, I am left unhappy feeling some sort of a void in my work and my life. I never let it be known, though. I stew in my feelings for a bit, then strive to do better. Twenty-Fifteen was an awesome year and I can honestly say that with great confidence and gratitude. After the dust settled from the holidays, I spent some time browsing through folders full of photos.

I scrolled through a year’s worth of blog archives and Instagram photos. My photography, albeit it amateur, is what helps me make sense of life. The close of an incredible year documented left me wondering what 2016 would hold. I would have to keep up with last year which was no easy task at all and I did it while growing a baby, then nurturing a newborn, and two other chickadees. “Well, whatever it may be,” I thought, “just move forward ’cause ain’t nobody got time for regression… not during my prelude to thirtyhood.”


[bctt tweet=”Be grateful you don’t have everything you want. Tomorrow’s an opportunity to be happier than today. #DisneyKids” via=”no”]

All of this to say that not even a week after the new year had begun, I received an invite from Walt Disney World Resorts asking if our entire family could come down from frigid NW Indiana to sun-shiny Orlando to play for four days. The only catch was that we bring Juicy and highlight our #DisneyKids adventure with our rambunctious preschooler.

Talk about starting the new year off right! “But,” my mind wandered, “If I start the new year with a family trip to Disney, then what’s next?” Only time will tell. I’m chilling for now. Downtime is golden.


I had already been dreaming of taking my family backdrops to Disney. Even thought about going while pregnant. Da heck was I thinking? I had been to Disney once with bandmates in high school and again for quick business when Jayden was a baby. So while I had been twice before, several years ago, I treated this trip as if it were my first as the dynamic of this trip differed vastly from my other two.

Continue on to the next post to learn how we explored Disney as a family with a preschooler.

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