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Start Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring

It’s something that you probably think about every year, especially if you are someone who particularly enjoys gardening, but if you are keen to make sure that you are getting it right this year then you might want to think about it all the more. Spring is just around the corner for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, and that means the start of the growing season, so it’s when most gardens start to really come alive.

If you are keen to make the most of it and to ensure that your garden is looking beautiful by the time summer comes around, take a look at the following. These are some of the best ways to start getting your garden ready for the spring.

Clean The Furniture

Any furniture that you might have in your garden will probably need to be cleaned if you are going to get the garden ready for the spring. That’s because it will have become dirty over the winter period, when it might have developed moss and other issues. Giving it a good once-over is going to help ensure that it’s ready for the spring, and that’s especially useful if you tend to sit in your garden and really make use of the space in that way. So make sure that you are cleaning it over – this doesn’t have to be a big job, but it is something that will make a huge difference to your experience of the garden by the time spring comes around.

Get The Lawn Ready

Chances are, your lawn has taken a beating over the winter months, and will now need some real care before it can look its best again. If you have a lawn, then it’s a hugely important part of the garden, and usually it will be the primary focus of the garden that you need to pay attention to. So make sure that you are thinking about this and not letting the lawn simply fall into a state of disrepair.

To get the lawn ready, you’ll simply need to mow it once to get it back to its growing phase, and perhaps give it some food if you think that might be necessary. And if you are still worried about it after that, searching for lawn care near me is a good way to find professional help with your lawn, so that you can get it looking its very best in time for the spring.

Get Down To Weeding

You certainly won’t want to invite guests round to your garden if it’s riddled with weeds, so there’s truly no time like the present to get down to weeding! There are so many pesky plants that can ruin the look of your garden, with some even causing damage to the other plants that you have worked so hard to cultivate. Weeds can become infestations in a startlingly fast time span, especially when you consider issues like knotweed or ivy, so it’s best to tackle any weeds as soon as you start to spot the warning signs. Fortunately, there are so many different options that you can explore to get rid of weeds, including chemical weed killers and even handheld devices. Finding the best battery-powered weed eater can change your weeding game forever, making the task as easy, fast, and low fuss as it can be! Once you have removed all of the weeds from your garden you’ll see a noticeable difference, and your lawn will be more than ready for a spring picnic under the sun! 

Start Composting Again

If you have not been doing your compost over winter, and you probably haven’t, then you will want to think about starting this up again, as it is something that is going to really make a huge difference to your garden’s appearance on the whole. Composting is wonderful because it allows you to make your own soil from the kitchen scraps and garden waste that you produce anyway as a result of simply living, and you’ll find that you love getting into this eco-friendly way of dealing with that waste.

To compost, you simply need a space to put it all, which can be a pile surrounded by wood pallets or, if you prefer, a plastic container. Then you just need to put all that compost material in there as it is produced, and occasionally give the whole thing a bit of a stir. Doing this is going to produce compost in about nine months or so, which you can then use to sprinkle over your flower beds and so on. It’s an amazing thing, and if you get it started now you are going to find that you have plenty of compost come next year.

Make A Plan

The spring is also a good time to start thinking about what you are going to do with your garden, and it’s something that you will probably want to put some effort into to ensure you get it right. There are many things you can do with your garden, and it’s something that is entirely up to you, so make sure that you are allowing yourself to do this and to use your creativity, as that is one way to ensure you really enjoy it.

Your plan should certainly at least consist of some idea about which plants will go where, and that’s especially important if you are thinking about having fruit, veg and herbs in your garden, as you need to ensure a good crop rotation each year.

As you can see, there is plenty to be getting on with in spring in the garden.

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