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Strategies for Enhancing Customer Experience at your Floral Business

Photo by Amina Filkins

Increasing the experience of your customers coming into your florist shop, or perhaps even those calling in, is vital and needs to be checked to keep your florist shop buzzing and successful.  For any business, retaining and making customers feel important should be one of the top priorities.  Here you will find some strategies that you can use to make sure that the customer experience at your floral business improves and stays a top priority with you.

1) Knowing your customers;

Remember to make personal ties with your customers: people in today’s modern world need to feel special or unique.  So take the time to learn their names;  remember their favorite flowers and arrangements and strive to provide the greatest customer service possible.

2) Discount online and in the shop;

A fantastic way of improving customer satisfaction is by offering customers discounted prices for online and in-store purchases.  This can be accomplished through the use of rewards programs, coupons, or special discounts on specific items.  When customers make repeat purchases, loyalty programs reward them with points or discounted rates on future purchases.

There are so many different ways to spread coupons these days;  social media or directly from the store.  Offering special discounts on specific items will encourage customers to buy greater amounts of flowers and arrangements in order to save money.  These types of price reductions help to leave a lasting impression on customers, making them feel valued and welcomed.

Photo by Secret Garden

3) Make things easy;

It’s unnecessary for your clients to feel it’s a hassle ordering whether it’s in the shop or via the internet.  Clients do not have to jump through hoops to place an order with you, and making this method as simple and secure as possible will be a huge benefit to your shop.

No matter how orders are placed, ordering online, by phone, or in person, be sure to make their experience as pleasant as possible.  Using a guide to host payment pages, accepting credit cards, and other such digital payment options can also be a wonderful way of guaranteeing a pleasant and hassle-free experience for them and for you.

4) Giving back as gratitude;

A great way to show your customers that you appreciate their business is to give something back.  This could be a free flower arrangement on special occasions or providing a free consultation service when they come into the store.  Offering discounts for returning customers is also a great way to show your customers that you are grateful for their loyalty and repeat business.

5) Creating an experience;

Creating an enjoyable and memorable customer experience doesn’t have to be difficult. You can provide some small touches like offering coffee or snacks while they wait or playing music in the background of your shop to create a relaxed atmosphere.  Making sure there are comfortable seating areas and  interesting displays around the store will help give customers something pleasant to look at during their visit as well.

Your customers  are the backbone of your florist business.  Making sure they feel special and appreciated is key to increasing customer loyalty and repeat purchases.  The strategies mentioned above are just a few ways you can enhance the customer experience at your floral shop, helping to ensure that your customers keep coming back!;tid=1;dt=6;

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