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Summer Gift Guide- Super Cool Gift Ideas For Adventure Lovers

As summer is around, it is the best time for adventure freaks who want to explore new places. And if you have an adventure-loving S.O. or best friend, you won’t have to think much when it comes to buying them a gift they would love. It has to be something they can carry along on their next excursion, something that is usable and reminds them of your thoughtfulness. Yet, you would want it to be unique, not regular stuff such as a backpack or a tool kit, because these are the things they will probably have already. So here is a list of some super-cool summer gift ideas for your adventure-loving bestie!

Pocket backpack

Not a regular backpack, this one is a compact, foldable variant that fits right in the pocket. This is an incredibly useful item to present because they can use it as a daypack when they don’t want to carry the larger one around. And they don’t even need to carry the spare one while traveling. This bag is perfect for beach outings and shopping as well because it is spacious enough to carry a lot of stuff.

Camping hammock

Something out-of-the-box is a camping hammock, which gives them the freedom to languish outdoors even right in the middle of nowhere. And they will probably love it more because it could help them save some money on lodging while they sleep under the stars. The coolest part is that most adventure freaks wouldn’t even have thought of such an experience before. There are ultra-modern ones in the market, with fitted-in mosquito nets to keep them safe from bug bites when outdoors.

A smart water bottle

Here’s something amazing- a smart water bottle with a charger that will help them charge their camera or cell phone just anywhere. And it also keeps water hot or cold, as any water bottle should. You can check to see how this one works. Your friend would surely love this gift because it will save them a lot of space, which really helps when you are out in the wild.

Compact rain jacket

If you want to ditch the regular camping clothing for a gift, a compact rain jacket is a great option because this is something they would need every time they are out for an excursion. The piece is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to fit in the backpack and carry anywhere. What’s more, it offers all the protection from rain and winds, while being just as warm as they would want it to be. And when they are on a mountain trip, they can wear it over for extra protection.

Adventure-proof sunglasses

Another ideal gift for a travel buff is a pair of adventure-proof sunglasses. These would keep their eyes safe from the wind particles and glare on the bright days. They will look awesome with the glasses as well. When it comes to buying an affordable yet useful option, you cannot just beat this one.

So go ahead and take your pick amongst these cool options to impress your adventure-loving friend this summer!

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