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Bring Summer Indoors: Mason Jar Succulent Planters


Succulents. They are irresistibly pretty and all the rage right now. I, having such a green thumb, decided it was time to start my own succulent collection. They’re a low-maintenance way of bringing a bit of Summer indoors. Since they are very modest in size, they can be spread throughout the house, resting on shelves, hanging from various heights, or attachments. There’s plenty of room for creativity.

While browsing the plant section at Walmart, I came across a variety of succulent plants. It took some restraint trying to resist buying them all. I did pick up whatever broken pieces I could find so that I could root them ;-). While out, I also picked up a few things to pot the succulents. I have tons of mason jars, so I decided I’d use them as planters. Potting was a piece of cake… I actually did it in the pouring rain. It was therapeutic.


An Assortment of Succulent/Cactus Plants
Cactus Potting Mix
Activated Carbon
Gravel or Pebbles
Mason Jars


Fill mason jars with gravel, perhaps an inch high. Add an inch of carbon. You can do 1/2 inch on top of the gravel, then 1/2 inch in between the soil. Whatever you prefer. Add potting soil. It doesn’t take a lot since the plants are already surrounded in soil. Screw metal bands on to the jars before placing the plants inside of the jar. Add plants and potting soil as needed.


I attached one of my succulent plants to our banister using a zip tie. I tied some rope around the jar for an added touch. The rest of the succulents went on shelves and Jayden’s little desk. I’m sure I will rearrange them, but for now I’m content. :-)


Any succulent lovers out there? What are some of your favorite ways to display them?


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Sheena Tatum (founder)

Hey, I'm Sheena! I married my jr. high sweetheart and together, we raise three tiny humans in NW Indiana. I'm an introverted free-spirit and serial dreamer obsessed with all things tropical and carefree. I love inspiring others to live wholly and find beauty in the mundane. I don't always get it right, but I'll keep trying anyway. :) Email: [email protected]

  • Carmen Thomsen
    8 months ago

    I love my succulents in fairy gardens. They remind me of my grandma if I could upload a photo of some of the ones I’ve made, I would!

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  • Jeff Thompson
    12 months ago

    To eliminate the algae after it appears wrap foil around the bottom of the jar and leave it for a couple of weeks. No light, no algae!

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  • lindsay
    3 years ago

    Since the glass doesn’t drain water, does the soil get mossy and mildew-y?

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    • Sheena Tatum
      3 years ago

      Hi Lindsay,

      The gravel and charcoal at the bottom of the glass acts as a drainage system to prevent the soil from staying too moist.

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      • Anita
        2 years ago

        I’m guessing the charcoal will prevent algae forming? I have tried without the charcoal and can see algae at the bottom of the jar

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        • Sheena Tatum
          2 years ago

          That is correct! It protects against excess moisture and prevents root rot. I’ve made these without the charcoal and ended up with the algae issue too!

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  • Debra S
    3 years ago

    Can you set them outside in the summer and bring inside during the colder months?

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    • Sheena Tatum
      3 years ago

      You sure can! They thrive during the dog days of summer! You can bring them in when it gets cold, just make sure to set them directly in the window as they need lots of sun.

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  • simple nature decor
    3 years ago

    love these succulents, i have them all over my house.. thanks for sharing at Dream create and inspire party

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  • Are they low maintenance? I think they’re pretty cute but I’m horrible with plants.

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    • Sheena Tatum
      5 years ago

      Succulents are very low maintenance. Just make sure they get plenty of sunlight and warmth. I learned the hard way, lol.

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  • Haley
    6 years ago

    these look like something my mom would absolutely love!, i see a mother-daughter project in the near future. and btw, i think i just found my new favorite blog! your family is adorable!


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