Viva La Sunday Night Tailgate Parties


This is a sponsored post; while the views expressed here are ours, we’ve received compensation from Farm Rich to share this recipe.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve posted stories about making Sunday Night Football a focal point for your family, and turning your TV room into a tailgate party.

The idea is to take Sunday night – traditionally an awesome night to get the family together after a week of: Taxiing kids to activities; getting barraged with homework; and a weekend of sleepovers and birthday parties – and use Sunday Night Football as a point of cohesiveness.  My contention is, why allow football to separate the family, when you can use it to keep the family together.

And while football season is beginning to wrap-up, it doesn’t mean that you can’t continue your tradition of tailgating. Why not tailgate for movie night?  Pretend you’re smuggling food into your living room drive-in theater!

Either way, your “TV Room Tailgate” needs awesome snacks.  Last time we showed you how to make Sports Day Meatballs.  The folks at Farm Rich are providing new Snack Hacks every week during the football season – and will continue having great recipes on their web site after the last (meat)ball is spiked.  For now, check out www.farmrich.com/gameday so you can keep your team well-nourished for the game.


Here’s this week’s recipe:

Bone-In Buffalo Wings Slaw Stack


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