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Survival Tips For Family Road Trips In Ireland

Photo by Zack Melhus from Pexels

Family road trips with kids can feel challenging and extremely daunting. Let’s face it, the chorus of ‘are we there yet’ will never solve, but there are so many other ways to ensure your road trip goes without a hitch.  So before you hit the road, check out these 6 handy survival tips for family road trips in Ireland.

  1. Plan Your Route in Advance:  Planning your route is very important as it will help prevent in-car stresses about directions as you will know your destination. Keep in mind that opting for the quickest route when traveling with kids is not a good idea. As such, it is good to think imaginatively when traveling with children.

Motorway driving is quicker than utilizing other routes with regular service stations with restaurants and fast-moving traffic. However, the needs of children do not match with the regularity of these services.

  1. Complete Car Checks in Advance: Ensure that your car is in tip-top condition by doing some quick car checks before traveling. This will help you avoid having to deal with a broken-down vehicle while traveling with your kids. Also, make sure that your breakdown cover is up-to-date and covers your needs. Many car insurance companies are also offering breakdown cover with just a small additional fee. You can check with your insurance provider and upgrade the cover.

You can also have breakdown cover by paying a little extra in your insurance cover. In case the worst happens you will need a reliable insurance provider. Check for more information. 

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels 

  1. Always have Reliable Insurance: Motor insurance is a must-have before you set off on any lengthy journey. It is important to understand as well that if you are driving abroad you will be protected, but only at the minimum level that allows you to drive around other European countries, so upgrading your car insurance at this time is a huge benefit if the worst was to happen.

Policies will cover breakdowns and road traffic accidents, ensuring that your family road trip isn’t ruined as a result. Remember as well that you could also take out additional travel insurance for your family as an added bonus reliant. Insurance planning isn’t the most exciting thing about holiday planning, but it is vital.

    1. Maximize Your Rest Breaks: You have to take rest breaks when driving. You may either take one or several breaks depending on the ages of your children and how long you are traveling. If you know the route well such as the route to your grandma’s place), you already know where to stop even before you start your journey. 
    1. Have Essentials Nearby:  Keep a bag with must-have essentials near your car’s front seat. The bag should have things such as a change of clothing for your younger kids, baby wipes, your health insurance card, cons for toll roads and other things you need to get your hands on quickly when you need them. 
    1. Create a Robust Driving Schedule: Last but not least, it is good to be realistic when creating your driving schedule as this will help you ensure that you are realistic with your timing. You should consider your family when creating a driving schedule. 

    You should also consider the cities you will be driving through. I still remember getting stuck in rush hour traffic in Chicago with my baby screaming but I could not do anything as traffic was not moving.

    It is also a good idea to keep snacks nearby as kids are more likely to complain that they feel hungry even if you are traveling for an hour from home. So, pack a few snacks when traveling for shorter trips to deal with hunger complaints from the kids. On the other hand, longer trips require a lot of snacks. So, cut the top off a box and pack the snacks inside to make it easy for you to access them while driving.

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