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Sustainable And Ethical Jewelry: Loving The Planet In Style

Throughout history, people have loved accessorizing with materials that are considered precious. The word “jewelry” comes from the Latin word “jocale,” which means plaything — a suitable word for wearing baubles. Utilizing shells, animals, and fish bones have developed into using precious metals and gems. The 21st century hasn’t changed people’s passion for jewelry. A market research says that the jewelry market size and share revenue are forecasted to grow from $324.60 billion in 2020 to $500 billion by 2026. Nowadays, apart from value and design, consumers are more conscientious if the pieces they buy are sustainable and ethical.

What Is Sustainable And Ethical Jewelry?

Sustainable and ethical jewelry is the kind of jewelry that comes from companies that have transparent production processes and use sustainable materials. The pieces have a low impact on the environment, do not come from conflict zones, and the workers that make them receive fair wages and work in safe environments. These are the points you need to ask your jeweler to make sure that what you are investing in is sustainably and ethically produced pieces. Brands that comply with these points will not hesitate to answer your questions in detail.

Supporting Sustainability And Ethics

Take good care of what you already own and store them properly. Excellent care and storage will keep your precious gems from getting dull, tarnished, damaged, scratched, or bent. This way you get to take pleasure in them for many, many years. If you have children, these can be passed down as heirlooms. If you want to be more trendy or up-to-date, you can opt to have your old jewelry updated by redesigning or remodeling it. You are effectively re-purposing and recycling old materials.

Go vintage. Instead of buying something newly-made, look for unique or statement antique jewelry. You are doing your part in conservation and at the same time, savoring the joys of owning something that’s a part of history. Invest in classic styles. These will never go out of style and you can use them for many years without looking dated. Timeless must-haves are a pearl strand, a chain necklace you can match with different pendants, stud and hoop earrings, and a steel watch.

Purchasing sustainable and ethical jewelry does not mean being anti-jewelry. You can still be fashionable, have extraordinary jewelry, and have compassion for the planet and the industry workers.

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