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  • Giving Back to the Next Generation of ValPLAYso

    Jayden's school recently had a spirit week celebration to raise funds for ValPLAYso, one of our local parks. It's a unique little park with a lot of medieval quirks. The kids have done fun things like wear hats in class, dress like adults, and crazy hair day which I temporarily dyed Jayden's hair blue for. His friends thought…
    NW Indiana, Social Good
  • 30 Green Days / Thrift To Reduce Carbon Footprint

    Thrifting is something that I've been doing ever since I was a little girl. Growing up in a single parent household made thrifting a necessary for survival. Nowadays it's like the best thing since sliced bread. At any rate, thrifting is a really great way to reuse items reducing energy and emissions used to produce and…
  • 30 Green Days / How to Recycle Batteries

    Batteries power a number of household items from cellphones, remote controls, flashlights, and cameras. While it's tempting to throw used batteries in the trash, it's highly discouraged as it can be detrimental to the environment. Between remotes, Bluetooth mice, and my external camera flash, we go through a ton of batteries. Americans buy almost 3…
  • 30 Green Days / Setting Up a Recycling Center

    Spring is here and it's the perfect time to make positive household changes. For us, that means making a more conscious effort to recycle. Recycling is one of those things that we've been slacking on, but I'm happy to report that our efforts to reduce waste are improving. A great way to recycle more efficiently…
  • 30 Green Days / DIY Low Flow Toilet to Conserve Water

    Did you know that toilets consume the most water in residential homes? Americans flush approximately 4.8 billion gallons of water down the toilet (EPA). That's insane! There are a few ways to go about reducing the amount of water your toilet uses - besides holding it in, hehe. You can purchase a low-flow toilet. If…
    DIY, Homemaking

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